Tourism Marketing

LNP Media Group’s team of advertising specialists will help you find the best way to reach tourists and visitors.

Tourism Marketing Client, The Shops of 300 North Queen Street: Boutique Tana Kaya, Because I Like U, Twice Found Consignment Store, Madcap & Co, Art & Glassworks, Dwelling, The Belvedere, j. a. sharp Custom Jeweler, Radel & Stauffer, BUiLDiNG CHARACTER & Around the Corner–Hidden Treasures.

Tourism is big business in Lancaster County. In fact, over 8 million people visit Lancaster County each year. If you want to ge
t the attention of visitors, LNP Media Group offers a variety of approaches.

Start by considering Visiting Lancaster magazine, distributed in hotels and tourist destinations. And of course we also offer a wide range of digital advertising tools that help you reach visitors before, during or after their trip. Be sure to contact us now to explore a range of tourism advertising options.