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Does your business sell tractors, equipment, trucks, or trailers? If so, Lancaster Farming has advertising channels that will boost your sales and turn over inventory.


Lancaster Farming Newspaper

Lancaster Farming is a weekly agricultural newspaper with a readership of over 158,0001, distributed in 48 states and with dominance in the mid-Atlantic region. Lancaster Farming has been in continuous publication since 1955 with an average of 180 pages each week. Two entire sections of the newspaper, the C and D sections, are dedicated to classified advertising. Tractors and farm equipment form the largest part of this extensive advertising base. In fact, readers subscribe to the paper to get the ads! Lancaster Farming has over 200 dealers in the paper each week, selling items such as tractors, balers, combines, harvesters, construction equipment, busses, trailers, skid loaders, manure spreaders, trucks, seeders, pallet jacks, planters, silos, uploaders, heaters, and much, much more. Lancaster Farming has thousands of pieces of equipment listed each week.

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Case Study:  But will print ads get results?

One of Lancaster Farming’s advertising clients, Wenger’s of Myerstown, is a local independent tractor dealer. Wenger’s had been running a weekly full-page ad on the front of the B section for decades, listing their available inventory. To confirm the effectiveness of these ads, Wenger’s changed the phone number in their ad to a dedicated 800 phone number to see how many calls came from Lancaster Farming. Wenger’s found that in one month, over 600 calls came in from their Lancaster Farming ads, and some of the calls came from as far away as California. Lancaster Farming is a nationally-known brand and buyers from all states are willing to have items shipped or to drive to Pennsylvania to get the equipment they need at the price they want. Needless to say, this exercise proved the value of advertising tractors and equipment in Lancaster Farming.

And, at no extra charge, your ad in Lancaster Farming also appears online in our digital E-Edition. The E-Edition is a full digital replica of the printed newspaper, ideal for reading on your phone or tablet. You can view a sample of the E-Edition here.

Your classified ad in the Lancaster Farming newspaper also appears in the Classified section of, at no additional charge to you. The Classified section of is the #1 most-read section of the site, with over 51,000 page views per month. Readers come to to get the fastest access to classified listings, before items are sold. By having both a print and digital presence, you’re sure to sell your tractors and equipment faster.

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