Seniors & Boomers

Seniors are changing their media habits; that’s why LNP Media Group now offers more ways than ever to reach the 50+ market.

As Lancaster’s 50+ demographic continues to grow, more and more businesses want targeted ways to communicate with this lucrative market. Lancaster County has one of the most vibrant 50+ populations in Pennsylvania.

Whether you’re marketing homes and apartments, restaurants, events, financial services, health and wellness, beauty or specialized care, LNP Media Group has the right media to reach your audience.

The LNP Senior Living Report offers deep resources. LNP and Lancaster Online reach thousands of 50+ readers and our digital products can be tailored to work with the ways seniors use digital.

When you’re looking to reach a 50+ audience in Lancaster County, there’s no better place to start than LNP Media Group. We offer a range of options for reaching mature consumers shopping for vacations, homes, healthcare, home services and more.

Contact us to learn all the ways LNP Media Group help you get started.

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