How to Target the Right Audience on Facebook

How to Target the Right Audience on Facebook

By Tiffany  Anderson   

If you don’t already know the value of Facebook advertising, it’s OK. The good news is that it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down in the near future. In fact, the ad manager platform frequently launches new updates intended to create a better user experience.

Businesses can now promote content with a few simple clicks but if you don’t understand the targeting opportunities beyond what boosted posts have to offer, you could be wasting money. We’ve collected a few stats from Facebook’s ad manager to give you a preview of the targeting potential in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Facebook users in Lancaster County Pennsylvania

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Our infographic illustrates just a few of the 200+ targeting options businesses can use to increase their local reach. January reports showed that nearly 70% of the county’s population 18 years and older are active on Facebook. Before you assume this isn’t the right advertising tool for your business, the ad manager allows us to check the potential reach before spending any money. You may be pleasantly surprised by the numbers!

Here are the best Facebook targeting strategies every ad manager should take advantage of.

Custom Audiences

If you have a list of customer emails, upload them to your audience profile. This presents an opportunity to nurture your audience, develop brand loyalty, promote order frequency, and increase the lifetime customer value.

Lookalike Audiences

Who better to target than the friends of your current customers? You can create a “lookalike” audience from a custom audience, conversion tracking pixel, or business page followers. How does it work? First, Facebook scans the active accounts of the source to identify similar qualities based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. Then, those qualities are matched with the friends of the users from the source and curated into a new lookalike audience list.

Location Targeting

This is one targeting option that is pretty easy to overlook. Besides having the option to target locations by country, state, address, and mile radius; there is one selection advertisers should think twice about before starting their campaign. It’s that little drop down box beside the Locations field where “everyone in this location” is preselected. Depending on your business and/or offer, this may not be the most efficient way to spend. When you look at the drop down options (everyone in, living in, recently in, and traveling in this location), you may find at least one of the three groups that make up the default selection does not apply to your target audience.

A home cleaning business, for example, wouldn’t benefit by targeting people who do not live within their service area. A local attraction, however, would see value in targeting people who live in the area and are traveling near their location. In this instance, an advertiser can create different ads that are unique to residents and visitors.

Detailed/Layered Targeting

This is level audience targeting is not available in boosted posts so pay close attention because it can help save you money! There are so many scenarios where this hypertargeting tool comes in handy but let’s pretend we are marketing a new fast and fresh meal option to working moms with small children.

It’s not enough to simply add those selections in one layer because you won’t be targeting the right audience. Without narrowing your selections, you will be targeting all working moms no matter what age their children are and all moms with small children who may or may not be working.  Detailed targeting allows us to exclude or narrow selections to further define your most desired audiences.

Purchase Behaviors

Facebook’s partnerships with big data companies offer advertisers with a whole new set of targeting options based on the buying habits of users. From DIYers, coupon users, fashionistas and consumers of just about any type of product you can think of, there is bound to be a selection relevant to your offer.

Life Events

Some businesses, like jewelers, can benefit greatly from Facebook’s life events selections. Life events is a collection of user data that helps advertisers target people in new relationships, who are newly engaged, have an anniversary coming up, started a new job, and more. This feature gives us the unique ability to capture and convert customers at opportune times.

With the amount of information Facebook collects on their users, to say they know more about you than your best friend wouldn’t be totally far-fetched for some. As scary as it may sound, they are committed to transparency and respecting user privacy. Advertisers will never gain access to personally identifiable information of their target audience unless it is willingly submitted by an individual in response to a call-to-action campaign.

Are you ready to explore the opportunities Facebook has in store for you? Create customized ads for niche audiences, build better connections, and measure campaign effectiveness. For help getting started, contact us!

LNP Media Group is committed to delivering exceptional experiences to our audiences, our customers, our vendors and our employees throughout Lancaster County and Central Pennsylvania. We provide value to our marketing and advertising partners by building effective and innovative solutions and by delivering exemplary customer experiences.
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Digital Marketing from the “Newspaper?”

Digital Marketing from the “Newspaper?”

Digital marketing has become a critical part of most marketing plans. Platforms like Facebook offer unmatched audience targeting, paid search advertising reaches specific customers who are ready to buy, and geofencing reaches mobile audiences within narrow geographic areas. The question we often get is, “Why do I want digital marketing services from the newspaper?”

While LNP Media Group used to be just “the newspaper,” today we offer advertisers a wide range of tools. LNP Media Group provides digital marketing services and results that are hard to match anywhere else.

LNP Media Group is a Google Partner

We bring proven expertise—just ask Google:

  • To be certified as a Google Partner, LNP Media Group’s digital team members had to pass exams. We took tests designed to evaluate our understanding of Google AdWords(Google’s advertising platform) and Google Analytics (Google’s website analysis tool).
  • We also had to show Google that we’re managing a significant amount of digital advertising and we had to verify that we have sustained growth in the number of clients we serve.

What does this mean to you? It means that when you use LNP Media Group’s digital marketing services, you can be sure that our team is on top of the latest advances in digital marketing. It also means that the Google support team is just a phone call away to answer any questions you have. This proven expertise translates into a better return on investment for your digital marketing campaigns.

Reach Virtually Any Audience; Not Just Digital Ones

LNP Media Group is different from a typical marketing agency; we can efficiently deliver audiences that no one else can. We can deliver digital audiences with pinpoint precision through geofencing, paid search, email marketing, targeted display, and Facebook. We can also use our own media platforms to reach huge numbers of Lancaster County consumers. That means that LNP Media Group can help you bundle together digital and local print marketing to create the most effective marketing plan possible.

We Deliver Digital Marketing Results You Can Measure

The digital marketing team at LNP Media Group is fanatical about delivering measurable results. Here are a just a few examples:

  • An email marketing campaign for a local auto retailer resulted in 17 cars sold with a return on investment of over 100%.
  • Paid search advertising campaign for a heating and air conditioning company increased sales leads by 165%.
  • A Facebook advertising campaign for a local retailer resulted in 1,431 sales leads at a cost per lead of $0.81.

These are the kind of results that we’d like to deliver to your business for your next marketing campaign. Let’s take the first step of getting to know each other with a free marketing strategy sessions. We’ll meet you, review your marketing goals, and offer you a custom marketing proposal. To get started, contact us at LNP Media Group.

LNP Media Group is committed to delivering exceptional experiences to our audiences, our customers, our vendors and our employees throughout Lancaster County and Central Pennsylvania. We provide value to our marketing and advertising partners by building effective and innovative solutions and by delivering exemplary customer experiences.


5 Ways to Reach Pet Owners

5 Ways to Reach Pet Owners

Pets are important to their humans; they are another member of the family. Whether it be for grooming services, veterinarian services, toys, apparel, boarding, etc., pet owners shell out quite a bit of money on their pets. Pet retailers have been finding new, inventive ways to engage consumers with their brands when it comes to pets’ needs. These digital marketing strategies are just a few of the ways brands are getting their message out there to reach pet owners.

Content Marketing

Typically, when pet owners have a question about caring for their pet, they’ll use online search to find answers:

  • Appearing in search results can enable you to bring web traffic to your brand’s site through content marketing. Content marketing gives brands the opportunity to create and share pertinent information through articles, blogs, or downloadable reports, that are designed to target a specific consumer segment.
  • Content marketing is an important and effective marketing strategy because it provides answers to the questions consumers are interesting in knowing. Informative content will help the pet retailer become a trusted source to consumers, promoting brand awareness while increasing traffic to pet retailers’ websites.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the easiest and most effective digital marketing tactics for building brand awareness and increasing leads:

  • The best thing about email is that when it’s sent to the recipient, they’ll open it on their own time when they know it’s convenient for them to read.
  • Email marketing comes in a variety of types: newsletters, promotional campaigns, invitations, survey emails, etc.
  • Email can help you build relationships with customers by sending emails that include behind the scenes stories, frequently asked questions, information about your staff, local pet news, and rewards for loyal customers.

Whether you’re a dog groomer, dog walker, pet store owner, or veterinarian, you’re most likely competing with some big brands for customers’ attention. Email marketing can help you build a bond with your customers that will position you as an authority on pets in your area. This will help you get to know your customers on a personal level, setting you apart from the competition.


Events are a great way to connect with customers and build your brand. Being face-to-face with your target audience will help you develop a more personal relationship with potential customers, as you have more of a chance to interact with them. Pet owners will be most responsive to events that they can bring their pets to. This could include events at the dog park, pet-friendly restaurants, bars or cafés.

SEO Friendly Website

The quality of your website is critical because you really only have a few seconds to capture the interest of visitors when they land on your page:

  • A good website has what it takes to reach, engage, and support your visitors.
  • A few critical components your website should have in order to reach pet owners include engaging images that tell your story, a clear navigation throughout the website, calls-to-action that will entice the visitor click, and an SEO strategy to support the website.

Social Media

Customers turn to Facebook for a wide variety of information, including pet retail locations, new products, tips for their pets, coupons, or even events. Facebook is the best social media platform for pet retailers to be on. With Facebook’s particularly targeted and effective Ads platform, it’s a guaranteed way to reach the pet owners:

  • According to The American Pet Products Association, it is estimated that approximately 37 to 47 percent of all households in the U.S. have a dog, and that 30 to 37 percent have a cat. With 90 percent of young adults ranging in ages 18 to 29 and 65 percent of adults overall on social media, there’s potential for a large amount of leads for pet retailers.
  • Using Facebook’s analytics, you’ll be able to see what types of posts have the biggest impact on your audience and when most of your page’s fans are online. This information will help you craft content for the utmost impact.

If you are a pet retailer looking for more marketing ideas, contact us. We’ll help you develop a plan that’ll reach pet owners.

LNP Media Group is committed to delivering exceptional experiences to our audiences, our customers, our vendors and our employees throughout Lancaster County and Central Pennsylvania. We provide value to our marketing and advertising partners by building effective and innovative solutions and by delivering exemplary customer experiences.


Cocktail Marketing: A Bar and Club Owners’ Guide to Digital Marketing

Cocktail Marketing: A Bar and Club Owners’ Guide to Digital Marketing

Bars and nightclubs require a slightly different marketing approach than other types of businesses. When it comes to marketing and advertising, bars and nightclubs need more of a social approach. Luckily, there are a number of digital marketing approaches you can take to attract more customers to your business.

Email Marketing

Email is a very dependable way to get your message in front of people and build trust with an audience and readers. Email gives you the opportunity to connect with people on a regular basis who have chosen to receive your emails, allowing you to let them know about specials and promotions that might entice them to visit your business again:

  • A strong email campaign isn’t complete without an email list. During promotions, contests, etc. take the opportunity to ask your guests for their email addresses.
  • Once an email list is gathered, you’ll want to be sure your email content has a purpose and a direct call-to-action. Don’t send out the same email over and over, make each one unique with an exciting purpose.
  • Don’t bombard your customer’s inboxes with your emails. Only send emails as frequently as you need to, otherwise they will get lost in the shuffle. Short and concise subject lines lead to more opens than long, busy subject lines

Mobile Marketing

In today’s world, it’s rare to see somebody walking around without a cell phone in their hands. The power it brings not only affects us humans, but also businesses. Mobile phones have allowed this new age of marketing to come to life:

  • Text messages have a 98% open rate and are often read within 10 minutes, which makes this digital marketing initiative an extremely effective channel.
  • By tactically planning the timing of text message campaigns, bars and nightclubs can reach customers when they are more likely to stop in, resulting in an increase in sales.
  • Customer loyalty can be achieved through special offers, discounts, happy hour promotions, event notifications, contests, entertainment announcements, and more.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is made up of different forms of communication, entertainment, marketing and networking, making it particularly beneficial when it comes to promoting your bar or nightclub:

  • Social media can do a number of things for your business; improve brand awareness, increase traffic from new customers, grow sales, enhance customer interaction, and give customers the ability to write reviews about their experience.
  • Bar-goers are social people, and this method helps you meet your audience where they are most comfortable.

While there are a number of different social media platforms, it’s important to determine which is best for your type of business and where your audience spends most of their time. Using a platform such as Facebook allows you to boost posts to a specific targeted demographic, ensuring you reach only your intended audience. Twitter is an effective marketing tool for bars and nightclubs because tweets get read and shared at an impressive rate and is also used a lot on mobile. And, Snapchat allows you to reach a younger audience of 21 to 24 year olds.

If you would like to talk about more digital marketing ideas for your bar or nightclub, contact us. Our nightlife marketing team can help determine the best efforts for your business.

LNP Media Group is committed to delivering exceptional experiences to our audiences, our customers, our vendors and our employees throughout Lancaster County and Central Pennsylvania. We provide value to our marketing and advertising partners by building effective and innovative solutions and by delivering exemplary customer experiences.


College Marketing: The Changing Faces of Higher Ed

College Marketing: The Changing Faces of Higher Ed

Whether you’re the professor or a student at a college, you understand that higher education is constantly facing changes. One of the biggest challenges higher education has to take on is the way it reaches potential students. Through today’s technology and available digital marketing initiatives, there are various ways to reach your target audience. Whether you want to increase lead generation through inquiries, on-campus visits, or applications, there’s a digital marketing strategy to do so.

Paid Search

Paid search will reach prospects who are already searching for educational programs by placing your website at the top of the search engine results page:

  • Both display and text ads will retarget previous website visitors with ads that include calls-to-action encouraging them to revisit and reengage with your website.
  • If a website visitor has already filled out a contact form on your website, they are already in your system and considered a lead. If this is the case, the remarketing message will vary from the message a first time website visitor will receive.
  • To convert the lead, the call-to-action  can be designed to encourage an application submission or a campus visit

Social Media

Social media is especially crucial for lead generation:

  • According to a research survey, 30% of incoming high school seniors reported that they researched their prospected colleges on a social media site, with Instagram accounting for 82% of connections to students. Parents were more likely to be reached through Facebook.
  • Targeted ads can be customized based on demographic and psychographic data of social media users.
  • Ads can promote content that will inform and engage your target audience or they can also be an ad for the school itself or something especially relevant to the school.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most affordable ways to increase your leads:

  • An email campaign can be started by encouraging potential students to sign up on your website to receive email updates. A follow up email can then be sent based on their targeted interests.
  • Interests can be determined by digging into what students were looking at on your website, such as certain programs, extra-curricular activities, etc. As the leads come in, that will provide you the opportunity to roll out emails encouraging them to submit an application.

Contact us to learn more about college marketing opportunities that are available to help your college or university.

LNP Media Group is committed to delivering exceptional experiences to our audiences, our customers, our vendors and our employees throughout Lancaster County and Central Pennsylvania. We provide value to our marketing and advertising partners by building effective and innovative solutions and by delivering exemplary customer experiences.