Video Marketing Strategies for Businesses

Video Marketing Strategies for Businesses

Video is becoming the preferred way to consume information, especially on mobile devices, and this is important news for small business marketers. As consumers spend more and more time watching video online, they begin to expect the sight, sound, and motion it offers. Here are four ways to take advantage of this growing trend and make sure your business is getting the most out of video marketing.

Use video on Facebook and twitter to increase engagement

Using filmed message and stories in ads and posts is a great way to engage viewers and attract them to your posts:

Use video to improve your search engine visibility

Diverse media, which includes videos, is favored by search engine algorithms:

  • Google constantly adjusts its algorithm to give its users a meaningful experience, and video continually ranks high for user engagement.
  • As a result, this kind of content is often extremely prominent in search results.
  • Incorporating video into your media portfolio can help to increase your search engine visibility, benefitting any type of business.

Use video to encourage sharing

Have some tutorials you want to share? Know how to help consumers solve problems? Want to showcase emotional stories? Filmed spots might be your medium. Online users are more likely to share and re-share video than other forms of content. If you have a visual way to showcase your products, services, or expertise, consider using film to do so.

Teach consumers how to use your product

More and more people educate themselves through product reviews and blog updates before making a purchase decision:

  • Research shows that 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos.
  • Giving consumers helpful advice on how to find the right size, order the right wine, or open the right type of bank account will lead them to your filmed spot and your business.

Want to know more?

All types of business can benefit from a smart online video campaign. LNP Media Group can help you strategize, develop and launch your ideas into spots that sell. Contact us to find out more about your video marketing options.


3 Tips To Boost Back-To-School Sales

3 Tips To Boost Back-To-School Sales

An integral component of a well-rounded back-to-school marketing plan involves reaching your target audience at the right time, repeatedly, through various ad channels. As can be expected, notebooks and backpacks are still commonplace for any back-to-school list, but an independent study by Deloitte indicated clothing and accessories account for 55% or more of back-to-school purchases. Students and their parents are also stocking up on things like beauty services, sports accessories, and plants. Whether or not your business offers the typical back-to school items, your business can benefit from shoppers’ need to get ready for the new school season. So how do businesses capitalize on this opportunity?

Right Time, Right Place

Businesses need to consider how back-to-school audiences shop and where they’ll intercept your messages:

  • A study by the News Media Alliance found that eight in ten adults with children not only used the newspaper, they also took some action as a result of an ad in a print newspaper in the past month.
  • This highlights the fact that if your messages reach your target audience, you have the ability to directly influence the actions of buyers. Leverage your various marketing channels to create motivation for back-to-school shoppers to buy your products.

Appeal to Emotions

Consumerism begins and ends with emotion and back to school-shoppers, like the rest of us, are emotional spenders. Emotions create an opportunity for you to draw in your ideal market and drive revenue. Tapping into a buyer’s mindset is what will enable you to successfully market your products to this crowd:

  • As a business owner, think about the products you sell and why they appeal to your customers. Are your products fulfilling a basic need or do they fall into the category of non-essential wants?
  • Your mission is to connect the dots for buyers by illustrating how your products will fulfill their needs.
  • A salon owner, for instance, can appeal to anyone looking to start the new school year with a fresh, new haircut. A technology retailer can feature the latest tablet covers that allow students to personalize their tech.

Be an Early Bird

Businesses that attract shoppers early earn a greater portion of back to school sales:

  • According to a survey by Deloitte, consumers who began their back-to-school shopping in August spent an average of $458 on back-to-school items.
  • If you plan ahead, executing your marketing strategy at the right time will help you increase your profits without doing extra work.

Ready to begin your back-to-school advertising campaign? Our marketing experts are happy to help you develop a well-rounded plan from start to finish. We love working with local business owners to create customized plans that suit their needs. Contact us today to get started!


How to Get in Front of the Lucrative 50+ Demographic

How to Get in Front of the Lucrative 50+ Demographic

With so many businesses focusing their attention on marketing to Millennials, it’s easy to forget about an even bigger market – baby boomers and senior citizens. Lancaster County has one of the most vibrant 50+ populations in Pennsylvania and was recently ranked one of the top places to retire in the USA. And as Lancaster’s 50+ demographic continues to grow, more and more businesses want targeted ways to communicate with this lucrative market.

We created the LNP Senior Living Report to offer a hyper-targeted ad format for your business and services. Published once a season, the LNP Senior Living Report reaches thousands of 50+ readers who love to read the local stories and related content.

Why focus on the 50+ demographic?

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that by 2050, there will be 83.7 million people aged 65 and older
  • On average, seniors are the most affluent demographic of American society, having five times the net worth of the average American

Whether you’re marketing homes and apartments, restaurants, events, financial services, health and wellness, beauty or specialized care, LNP Media Group has the right media to reach your audience.

We created this special report with senior consumers in mind. Want best practices for marketing to seniors? Here are a few things to remember:

Emphasize good service:
  • Senior consumers look for value but are often willing to pay more if they know they will get good service, as many prioritize top-notch service.
  • Senior consumers appreciate companies that make a point of looking after their customers. Create special promotions and offers, such as buy one get one free deal, special gifts on their birthday, senior citizen sale days, or free deliveries to create campaigns that make them feel special and valued.
Pay attention to what the consumer wants:
  • Make sure to connect with your senior consumers by recognizing their activities and lifestyle.
  • LNP created its Senior Living Report to specifically help advertisers connect with this sought-after demographic. Your ad becomes part of the experience, showing that your business personally cares about and supports seniors’ lifestyles.
Give seniors a reason to trust you:
  • The 50+ consumers in Lancaster County might be hesitant to try new brands and new services. Can you offer a money back guarantee? Do you have testimonials from other pleased customers? If so, put these front-and-center in your ad campaign.
  • As an article from Entrepreneur summarizes, when connecting with new customers, it’s important to establish trust from the beginning
  • When your business advertises in LNP, you start building trust right away by choosing a local business that is established, respected, and trusted.

Don’t overlook Lancaster County’s 50+ community

The LNP Senior Living Report allows you reach seniors more effectively and efficiently than ever. This report is published as a full-size section in LNP four times a year, once per season. When you advertise in LNP’s Senior Living Report, you have a list of extras to choose from, including:

  • Lower rates when you advertise in both reports.
  • Option to add LancasterOnline ads at a discounted rate.
  • Options for discounted listings and premium listings in LancasterOnline’s Directory of Senior Living Facilities.

Contact our team today if you think your business could benefit from accessing a larger share of Lancaster County’s 50+ community.


What Local Businesses Need to Know for Reaching Sports Fans

What Local Businesses Need to Know for Reaching Sports Fans

Lancaster County loves football, from high school teams to the NFL. Every Friday night, LNP readers take to the fields to watch their local high school football games. No one knows more about local high school and college sports than LNP. We offer great news reporting and highlights in print and online, and we offer a range of advertising opportunities like the High School Football Preview. So during the peak of fall sports, your business can reach fans right here in Lancaster.

When your business places advertisements in the High School Football Preview, your brand shows support for your favorite high school football team.

Why should your business care about advertising in this popular annual feature? Simple: This is the opportunity for your business to generate sales and goodwill by being a team sponsor. High School Football Preview could be a touchdown for your business.

Associate your business with a school by placing team ads.

Sports fans connect with their favorite team. Studies have shown that for fans, identifying with a favorite team is more important than being identified with their work and social groups.  Support for a certain team or club can serve as a point of identity for sports lovers. Die-hard fans will do anything for their team.

Use this to your business’s advantage. Make a connection with local sports fans by identifying your business as a high school football team fan when you advertise in the High School Football Preview.

Reach sports fans, parents, and students in Lancaster County.

Football Sports player High School in LancasterJust like the competition athletes face on the field, your business has its own competition. By becoming a team sponsor, your business will attract the sports fans in Lancaster and beat out the competition. When fall comes around, high school football games attract fans that could also become customers. It’s not just men reading the Sports Section. Teachers, parents, students or any fan of local Lancaster high school football teams could be reading your advertisement in LNP. This opportunity allows you to connect with a wide range of sports enthusiasts. Your business could be seen by the 140,000 people who read LNP on weekdays when you become a part of the High School Football Preview.

Football brings lots of hype once the season starts. People bring out their favorite jerseys, tailgating supplies, and decorations for their homes. Why wouldn’t your business want to join the hype that football season brings? It’s a smart move.

Mixing sports and marketing is a good play.

LNP will publish this special edition on Wednesday, August 30 and Wednesday, November 29, during the beginning and end of high school football season. By running your business’s advertisement twice, you can reach twice the number of sports fans and athletes! Your business can reach over 140,000 readers and potential customers with each publication.

Want to be a part of this special spotlight edition? Hurry! The deadline for space reservation is Friday, August 11th.

Beat the competition and build awareness with the High School Football Preview. Contact us now to speak with a Sales Rep!

What 7 in 10 LNP Readers Revealed in Our Last Survey

What 7 in 10 LNP Readers Revealed in Our Last Survey

Reading Habits can be Personal

It’s probably not surprising to learn that the people at LNP Media Group are obsessed with measuring and analyzing reader habits. We do a lot of research and big studies. We ask a lot of questions to find out what people care about, and try to measure how much they care about it. But readers are not always forthcoming. Sometimes they don’t get specific, or don’t want to share too much about what they read, or why. Despite all the research we do, we’re not always 100% sure about our readers feelings about every part of our news and information offers. Over the years, we’ve come to accept that people don’t always want to share every part of their reading habits. Some parts of our subscribers’ lives are personal. We get it.

We Never Expected Rave Reviews

Maybe that’s why we were surprised when we started getting positive feedback. Sometimes it was a short note. Other times it was a legitimate, handwritten letter. (Yes, they still exist!) And we started getting emails, and Facebook posts and comments. We got lots of positive comments in surveys. In fact, everywhere we look, people were making an effort to tell us how much they like our new magazine. There’s no other way to describe it. Sunday magazine got rave reviews.

 7 in 10 Readers read Sunday EVERY WEEK

Our last survey cinched it. 7 out of 10 people who subscribe to LNP on Sundays reported that they read Sunday magazine every week. That translates to loyal weekly readership in over 50,000 homes, with a readership of almost 140,000.

While it surprises some, Sunday magazine is not available in newsstand editions. None of its content is available online. It doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter account. Instead, it’s a rock-solid expression of our commitment to print and to those who love it. We’re grateful that our readers love our magazine. And we’re excited to have such a beloved magazine to offer to our local advertisers.


Haikus, Birdwatching, Local Makers and More

Whether you love nature, culture, food, history or the arts, Sunday offers readers original, local content every week. The Sunday staff looks for the very best of everything local. That’s why you’ll find work from local poets and writers, profiles on businesses, chefs, craftsmen and historians, glimpses back into Lancaster County history, recipes, profiles on artists and musicians and, of course, our now famous Lancaster County-inspired word searches.

How Can You Reach Sunday Readers?

Sunday magazine offers three ways to reach our loyal readers.

  1.  1/3 page ads–Only two are allowed on any one page, so your business gets maximum attention.
  2. Table of Contents page–Your logo will be included on a page that not only kicks off the Sunday magazine experience, but also features a timely quote, information about the cover and a map that sources every story or feature and connects it to one of the towns or townships in the county.
  3. Page sponsorship–Some of our pages get special attention from readers, such as  The Lancaster That Was, Almanac and Puzzles. We don’t offer ads on these pages, but we do offer sponsorships, so you can be in front of readers as they spend extra time with our magazine. Your name or logo will be prominently featured on the page.

Want to learn more? Contact us and let’s start talking about introducing your business to our passionate and engaged readers.