Group: Client Services

Your ad organizer. Always on the green. Beach traveler.

Logan Miller

Never misses a deadline. Appreciator of cats. Picker of strings. 

Andrew Higgins

Driven to provide results for your business. Patriotic. Cigar connoisseur.

Anthony Cazillo

Film and documentary nerd. Grew up reading LNP. 17-year marketing veteran.

Cheryl Wentz

Your marketing partner. Passionate Penn State football fan. Favorite day: Taco Tuesday.

Trey Fidler

Driven to deliver excellence. Daytona Beach native. Never loses a nerf fight.

Bobbie Jo Olmo

ROI maven. Backpacked Machu Picchu. Collector of vintage jewelry.

Sydney Farrell

Marketing interpreter. Fantasy sports expert. Coffee enthusiast.

Chris Ward

Forward thinker. Harry Potter fan. Campaign communicator.

Doug Kyle

Social media and customer service expert. Master of innovation. Musician mentor.

Joseph Parker

Crazy gift of gab. Fact finder. Engaged entreprenuer. Princess dragonslayer.

Tracy Bronson 

LNP Media Group Marketing Advertising
Precise planner. Objective organizer. Tenacious tennis player. Avid reader. 

Christine Aucott 

Organizational guru. Seasoned sales veteran. People person. Steelers fan!

Tessa Gilchrest 

The deadline diva. Offers a helping hand. A scheduling guru. Queen of yoga.

Melissa Moser  

National and major accounts expert. Communications aficionado. Proud New York native.

Mark Rossman

Marketing co-pilot. Service linguist. Negotiation wizard. Spontaneous juggler.

Mark Avery

Seller of all things. People pleaser. Marketing expert. Obsessed with Paris.   

Lisa Kreider 

 Entertainment maven. Foodie fanatic. Seasoned veteran. Outdoor enthusiast.

Linda Quenzer 

Develops precision marketing strategies. Audiences expert. Formula 1 junkie. 

Joshua Fagan 

Advertising legend. Living, not existing. Dubbed a fashion god.

Jay Branch

True sales pro. Constantly in motion. Thinks every day is the best day ever!

Hillary Graham  

Classified ad enthusiast. Customer BFF. Devoted to deadlines. Health fanatic.  

Gina Melasecca  

 Puts the “class” in classified ads. Loves organization. Pinterest aficionado.

Donna M. Wendler

The master of multi-tasking. A must have when you’re hiring. Poodle proud.  

Debbie Stremmel

Go-to marketing guy. Philly faithful. Searching for the perfect buffalo wing. 

Conner Kruis

Works well with dealers of wheels. Everything automotive. Pontoon boat captain.

Bob Smith