Group: Creative Services

Layout queen. Fanatical deadline diva. Mapping maven. Lover of the Caribbean.

Stacey Anderson

Master storyteller. Special sections guru. Content creator. NY Mets superfan. 

Margaret Gates 

Spatial princess. Habitual puzzle solver. Visual visionary. Proud bingo babe.

Lori Whitman

Ad architect. Font obsessed, esp. Helvetica. Admitted Sasquatch enthusiast.

Krystal Hummer

The ultimate ad master. Problem solver. Dedicated digital ad creator. Dog mom.

Kim Buckwalter 

Creative thinker. Obsessed with typography. Adobe wizard. Intuitive introvert. 

Jenny A. Long 

The color-correcting queen. Loves chocolate, wine and baseball.  Dog-obsessed.

Erica Feltenberger 

Diligent designer. Consumed by creativity. Art-obsessed. Outdoor adventurer.  

Brandon Herwig 

Problem solver. Believes laughter IS the best medicine. Cheese-loving adventurer.

Allie Miller

The original clipping path creator. PDF proofer. Vacuum tube specialist. Geek Dad.

Alex Jones

The color-corrector expert.  Bends time for deadlines. Velociraptor trainer.   

Amy Rodriguez