Facebook has over 1 billion active users each day because it’s found a way to integrate with our daily lives. By now everyone should be taking advantage of Facebook advertising; if Facebook isn’t in your business plan, it’s time to get up to speed:

  • • The number of advertisers on Facebook is 7 million.
  • • Facebook accounts gather a wealth of information about each user that allows advertisers to target audiences with incredible precision.
  • • This translates into thousands of media targeting options that allow you to ensure that the right people are seeing your message. Advertisers can access data like demographics, page likes, browsing behavior, website and mobile app activity, as well as information shared by data affiliates like Epsilon and Acxiom.

Why Facebook May Not Show Your Post

Why you should pay for social media marketing services when you can post on Facebook for free?

  • • With changes to Facebook algorithms, businesses posts are rarely seen by more than 2% of your followers. The amount of digital content has skyrocketed and the competition is stiff.
  • • Facebook organizes unpaid content based on the preferences and content habits of each user. Facebook’s algorithms are designed to pare down content based on user activity; if you want to be sure to be seen, you have to pay.

Paid Facebook Boosts

Boosted posts are a great way to dive into the world of Facebook advertising:

  • • Facebook makes it easier than ever to give your message that extra push to increase its reach with targeting options such as timing, location, gender, age and interests.
  • • After a few clicks and thoughtful selections, your post is delivered to the audiences you’ve defined as being relevant to your message. You can experiment with targeted boosts with very little investment.

It Takes More Than a Boost

While boosted posts are a great start, there are limitations that prevent you from maximizing Facebook’s advertising potential:

  • • Boosting an industry-related blog article that was shared to your page but written by another company, for instance, is essentially a charitable donation to the blog author. The money spent on that boost doesn’t bring your audience any closer to your sales funnel.
  • • Boosted posts give you a taste of the targeting capabilities but don’t offer many detailed selections that can make or break an ad campaign.

Facebook’s Ads Manager

Facebook’s Ads Manager takes your ads to the next level by allowing you to choose from multiple various objectives such as increasing brand awareness, encouraging audiences to learn more about your business, and converting them into customers. Furthermore, the number of targeting options the Ads Manager offers is significantly higher than those offered by the boost function. This allows you to create richer audience profiles and the most optimized campaigns.

Want to Learn More?

Maybe it’s time to embrace the full value Facebook advertising has to offer. If you’re interested in understanding the complexities beyond boosted posts and want tips to create successful, results-driven strategies contact us to learn more.

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