LNP Puts a Spotlight on Lancaster County Businesses

Lancaster County has always had its roots in family and local businesses, some dating back hundreds of years. Just look around and you’ll see numerous family-owned businesses with a long-standing history in this area. Lancaster customers love shopping local, and many customers seek out family-owned businesses. To stand out from the competition, family-owned businesses often promote the people who make their business special.

Faces sell. Research has shown that smiles, faces, and other visuals are the key to connecting with customers and building trust within the community. It makes sense to shine a spotlight on your family ownership and your employees to connect with Lancaster County.

That’s why LNP designed Faces of Lancaster County, a special publication that will be inserted into the Sunday, August 20th edition of LNP. Faces of Lancaster County helps businesses in this area show off their teams using group photography, employee head shots and a story about each featured business. Whether you choose to provide the content or we help you create it, every full- and half-page ad will include a story, a full-color photograph, a logo, and prominent contact information. (Quarter page ads will include a photo, logo and contact info.)

Still on the fence about the power of faces? Here’s the science behind why faces sell, and how to incorporate it in your small business:

Visuals, visuals, visuals.

Our brains were made for visual processing. In fact, the human brain can process images in the blink of an eye. It takes just 150 milliseconds for our brain to process images, and only 100 milliseconds to attach meaning to an image. If you want to get an idea over quickly, then an image is by far the best way to do it.

By including visuals in your marketing, you interact and connect with people almost instantly. Not only do we instantly process visuals, but we remember visuals better. We can remember up to 2,000 pictures with only a little learning, and recognize them days later.

Use the way our brains work to your business’s advantage. Shape your marketing campaigns and advertisements around strong visual aspects that grab attention.

Stories tell. Faces sell.

group of professionals in lancasterOur brains are hard-wired to respond to faces. Our brain is constantly reading people’s expressions to find social cues and emotion. And although you can get an emotion across in words, our brains are masters at reading faces. Because we are always on the lookout for emotional cues in images, especially of people, using faces is a great way to associate emotions with your brand.

So if you want people to be immediately drawn to your store, there is one simple thing you have to do: put a face on it.

LNP will promote Faces of Lancaster to readers.

LNP will begin promoting Faces of Lancaster County to LNP readers on August 13th. By launching a multi-media plan that includes print ads, LancasterOnline ads, Facebook ads, emails and direct mail, LNP’s  Faces of Lancaster County promotion will deliver over one million impressions.

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