Email Marketing


Email marketing works.  If you’re not using it, here are the four best reasons to implement email marketing as part of your business’s growth strategy:

Exclusive coupons and savings – Consumers love a good deal, and they know that paying attention to their inbox can yield great savings.  64% of U.S. customers have printed coupons from email, and the number of mobile coupons is expected to double over the next five years (reaching 1 billion!)

Straightforward, efficient communication – Email is 40 times more effective in gaining new customers than Facebook and Twitter combined.  Moreover, an estimated 91% of consumers check email on their smartphones at least once a day.  That means your message will reach consumers anytime, anywhere—it’s not limited to those sitting in front of a computer.

It’s twice as successful as cold-calling – Studies have consistently shown that ROI doubles using email marketing, as opposed to good ‘ole fashioned cold calling.  It could be argued that ROI is even higher, since you can reach all your prospects at once, rather than spending hours on the phone.

Well-defined targeting – LNP Media Group can extend your email beyond your own list to reach new sales prospects that haven’t heard from you before.  We can reach very specific audiences by location, interest, business category, and more.

Stand out from the crowd. Our in-house media and the digital team of experts will ensure your email message reaches valuable prospects.

Our supreme targeting methods utilizing location (Lancaster, PA and beyond), demographics (such as homeowners or income levels), and interests or hobbies will put your message right in your prospect’s lap. Take advantage of our database of over 200 million people who have opted in and deliver your message to potential customers who requested it!

And, that’s not all. Here’s a little more of what we can offer you:

  • Effective email creative
  • Detailed reports: who clicked and what they did after clicking
  • Custom landing page designs that are results driven
  • Smart, conversion driven content

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