Native Advertising and Quizzes


Inform, entertain, engage and get your target audience to take action with LNP’s Collaborative Content program.

If you’re familiar with newspaper or magazine advertising, you may have heard of an "advertorial." Traditional advertorials still exist, but they’ve also evolved to fit into the digital landscape. In the industry, it’s called native advertising, and here at LNP, it’s known as Collaborative Content.

Collaborative Content is a type of advertising that matches the form and function of the channel where it displays – like LancasterOnline. Our team of digital marketers is forging this new method of advertising, integrating it within our news and featured content, and seeing big results.

Our group of content and digital marketers work together to build trust among your audience and drive them to engage with your brand using our highly customized collaborative content programs. Each program featured on LancasterOnline includes:

  • One article listing/preview and prominent banner ad along with social media sharing capabilities
  • Three content page ads that link to your homepage or landing page
  • One mobile article listing/preview, web ad including social media sharing capabilities


Here at LNP Media Group, we use many forms of native advertising to make our clients’ campaigns successful–from long-form articles to creative ad types and quizzes. You’ve probably seen the quiz rage on Facebook and a few other favorite channels. Consumers love to take quizzes, and advertisers love the results. Our team has had the same experience, and we’re continuing to expand this ad type.

What do you get with a quiz?

  • Exposure via LancasterOnline
  • Exposure on LNP Facebook page – near 95,000 likes
  • Posts on LNP Twitter – near 40,000 followers
  • Names of those who participate in the quiz

Let us help you edge out the competition with this new, effective form of advertising!

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