Search Engine Marketing

Based in the heart of Central PA, our search engine optimization services can help your website get in front of not just your customers down the street or across town, but our digital team can also help your site, over time, pop-up at the top of a search page for customers in the cities and regions surrounding your home base.

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Take a look at these success metrics we’ve secured for just a few of our clients most recently within a period of 18 months.

A Parts Supply Company

  • Increased organic traffic 65%
  • Increased keyword rankings 6,173%
  • Increased organic traffic revenue 233%
  • Increase organic traffic conversion rate 326%

A Local Service Company

  • Increased organic traffic 148%
  • Increased keyword rankings 110%
  • Increased organic traffic leads 667%


Increase your leads and sales – grow your pool of potential customers using:

  • Website code optimization – improve meta-tags, sitemap and other code to ensure your site has the best chance to appear in relevant search results.
  • Creative content – create new, “smart” content for your website that will increase its visibility and speak directly to your potential customers, answering their most asked questions and proving to them your site’s authority on the subject matter so that they keep coming back again and again.
  • Links and directories – you’ll see an increase in traffic when your website is linked and listed in directories. Yet, don’t spend too much of your time and money focusing only on national directories. You have a particular customer, so your strategy needs to include local listings. Let our digital team use our strong local roots to help get your website on the regional directories that hold more value.
  • Customized strategies – every website has individual needs, which is why our team likes to take each site and develop a unique plan of action to increase results. If you need more website traffic – use paid search advertising for short-term conversions and double your success and commit to a long-term SEO plan that will help your site gain "free" traffic over time.

Our team of experts consistently delivers value within our SEO programs.  Here are just a few of the parameters our in-house media and digital agency team consider when planning a successful SEO program:

  • How long has your website been around?
  • How much content does your site have?
  • How much SEO has been done previously – what shape is the website in overall?
  • Are the technical best practices in place?

Keep in mind as you are planning your strategy, no two sites start from the same place when it comes to SEO – even if we’re talking the same industry and the same target audience.