Social Media Marketing

The Power of Social Media

We don’t need to sell you on the importance of social media. With more people on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter than ever before, social media marketing has rapidly become one of the most effective tools for targeted digital marketing. In addition to pulling interest data from cookies, social platforms have the unique advantage of collecting interests, job titles, and demographic data on users through social profiles and their engagement with content within the platform. The digital experts at LNP Media Group have designed hundreds of successful social media campaigns for a wide variety of businesses and are ready to take your business’s social media marketing to the next level.

What you Receive

Transparent Reports

We’ll measure the performance of your social media ad campaigns by tracking all clicks, views, shares, and conversions. We also use proven ad optimization techniques and A/B testing to improve your return on investment (ROI), so you get the most out of your campaign. Using tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Facebook’s Business Manager, we’ll accurately track your campaign metrics and provide you with a detailed report upon your campaign’s completion.

Advanced Audience Targeting

Using Facebook’s targeting capabilities, our team can identify consumers most likely to make purchases from your business. Your Facebook and Instagram ads will be presented to this targeted audience. We use demographics, interests, hobbies, location, behaviors, and more to identify the individuals most likely to convert.

We can even take your existing email database of customers and use their profile data to create a “lookalike” social media audience for your campaign.

Creative, Consistent Content

We develop and execute ad campaigns to keep your message consistent and to coordinate with your business’s brand. We will creatively engage potential customers based on your goals and send them to your website, social media page, or a customized landing page. Our campaigns will ask them to fill out a form, sign up to receive your email newsletters, enter a contest, take a quiz/poll, or engage with your business in a variety of other ways.

Still on the fence?

Not sure if a social media campaign is right for your business? Check out our case studies to see what we’ve done for our clients through social media. Want to talk to a member of our team for more information? Contact us and we’ll answer any questions you have and work with you to develop the right campaign for your needs.

Landing Pages

Our custom landing pages are designed to enhance conversion-driven campaigns. Landing pages may include forms to capture leads and user data. Your email or retargeting ads can click through to a coordinated landing page that will feature a clear call-to-action and engaging content to drive conversions. We offer custom landing page design for any type of digital marketing campaign.

Results Matter

You want to be sure that you’re investing with a company that is knowledgeable and has a history of success. Our results speak for themselves; our clients love their experience with LNP Media Group. Check out our case studies for more examples of our clients’ successes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do my own social media marketing?
Social media marketing has rapidly developed from simple posts to complex campaigns designed to reach specific target markets. Anyone can boost a Facebook post, but social media marketing has become so much more than this. With our team’s knowledge and expertise in digital design, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Facebook Business Manager, and audience development, we can create a cohesive social media campaign that will reach tens of thousands of people in your target market.
Will social media marketing work for my type of business?
If your customers use the internet, we think so! A portion of nearly every business’s customer base uses social media. By advertising on these platforms you can target these individuals, as well as consumers similar to them, and get your message out.
Which platforms should I use?
It depends; there’s no one-size-fits-all answer that will fit every business. Facebook is typically a good starting point, but this varies from business to business and audience to audience. Each campaign must be tailored to the goals of a business to be effective.
How much should I spend on social media marketing?
Social media is a “pay to play” platform. This means that the more money you spend, the more your ads will be displayed to users. By starting out with a smaller amount, we can assess the impact your ad spend is having and adjust from there. Once we help you identify what works best, we can optimize the amount you’re spending to get the most impact for your money.