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With over 200,0001 readers and 225 plus years of industry experience, there’s no better place for print marketing than LNP.  Newspapers ads are preferred over all other types of advertising. We boast a broad array of print products including magazines, in-paper ads, classifieds, and special sections. This targeted collection allows you to reach specific groups of consumers. When you advertise with us, you also get access to our talented teams of media strategists, ad artists and photographers, as well as a dedicated in-house digital marketing team. 

Who are our readers?

  • Over 18 83% 83%
  • Married 75% 75%
  • Median Household Income of $50k-75k 75% 75%
  • 75k Household Income 43% 43%

LNP reaches over 83% of the Lancaster County population over 18 years of age. Our readers are in their prime buying years with median age of 50 – 54 years of age. Almost half of our readers have some form of higher education. Three-quarters of our readers are married, so you’ll reach at least two people in the home. And, most importantly, our readers are affluent, with a median household income of $50K – $75K per year, plus 43% of readers exceeding a household income of $75K per year1.


LNP maintains a strong, loyal readership through our commitment to the community. We are dedicated to serving the people and businesses that reside in our county.

Why advertise with us? Newspaper is the most trusted form of media in Lancaster County, and newspaper ads lead to more purchases than ads in magazines, on television, in the mail, or on the radio2.

When you partner with news media, you have access to highly engaged consumers of all ages, on all platforms and at any scale.

Recent studies have confirmed that newspapers are by far the primary source of purchasing information in Pennsylvania.

A survey by an independent research firm, American Opinion Research (AOR), found that 83 percent of Pennsylvania adults, ranging in ages 18 to 34, read a newspaper in print or digitally each week3.

What does this mean for advertisers? Six-in-ten consumers reportedly make a purchase during an average month after seeing an ad in a printed newspaper or newspaper website3.


Adults (18-34) who read a newspaper each week.

LNP Print MaRKETING Opportunities

Premium Ad Placements:

1 - Full Page Wrap

Front Page Wraps are the largest and most prominent ad position offered on the newspaper! Front Page Wraps wrap around the entire outside of the paper, providing your business with expansive ad positioning on the front and back of the newspaper.

2 - Sky Box and Ad Note

Be seen above the fold with a stand-out rectangle ad located in the top right corner of the front page, either in-print or a glossy adhesive sticker.

3 - Banner Ad

A front page ad across the length of the bottom of the page.

4 - Half Page Cover

A half page ad on the Sunday Local section front.

5 - Jewel Box Ad

A rectangular ad at the bottom right.

EL (Entertainment Lancaster)

Ad space in LNP’s special entertainment and arts broadsheet every Thursday.

Premium Ad Placements

LNP Print Advertising Opportunities

LNP Readers' Choice magazine cover

Readers’ Choice Awards

For the past twenty years LNP has been running its hugely popular annual Readers’ Choice Awards.  Each year, over 10,000 readers vote on their favorite Lancaster County businesses in over 300 categories. Winners are featured in Readers’ Choice Magazine, published in August. Yearly favorites receive recognition awards, while voters are entered for a chance to win giveaways. Advertise during the Readers’ Choice voting phase to make sure your business gets this critically important seal of approval from our readers!

LNP Pocket TMC product


Pocket is LNP’s total market coverage product with an option for zoned distribution. On Wednesdays, Pocket is delivered by mail to every Lancaster County household that does not subscribe to LNP. You can insert your own flyer into Pocket or purchase ad space on the Pocket wrapper. Need a flyer printed? We do that. When combined with ads in LNP, Pocket is an affordable way to reach 100% of households in Lancaster County. 

Puzzle Book

Puzzle Book

Puzzle Book is published once a year in February and is inserted in Sunday LNP as well as distributed to selected office waiting rooms throughout the County. When you advertise in Puzzle Book you may request copies for your business’s waiting room. Puzzle Book is bound in a sig book format and is printed on bright white newsprint. This colorful publication is full of interactive puzzles and games. Puzzle Book’s extended shelf will keep your ad in front of puzzle fans for a long time. 

Winter 2021 Balance cover


Balance magazine uses gorgeous design, on-site photography, and intimate storytelling to reveal advertisers’ expertise and passions. Balance is branded content that advertisers are excited to share, and our readers are excited to read. It’s the story behind the business. It’s the dedication and experience of the owner. Balance is inserted into LNP once a quarter on Thursdays with additional copies distributed at participating businesses. All Balance articles are also on LancasterOnline. View a sample issue of Balance

LNP I Do Bridal magazine cover


I Do is a beautiful semi-annual magazine featuring local wedding stories and the creative businesses that make beautiful weddings possible. I Do is distributed to advertisers, attendees (over 1,000) at LNP’s Something Used bridal events, and other relevant venues. I Do is mailed to couples as they announce their engagements in LNP, offering exclusive access to this hard to reach audience. Compliment your gorgeous, glossy I Do print ad with digital marketing tailored to brides. Brides love taking quizzes, reading content marketing, and engaging with social media. We can help you reach brides and grooms wherever they are.

LNP Best Workplaces magazine cover


Lancaster County is filled with local businesses that are innovative and exciting workplaces, and Best Workplaces magazine is where to find them. Best Workplaces magazine shares the stories of winning companies in LNP’s annual workplace satisfaction survey project. In the inaugural 2019 year, over 100 companies participated in the survey project, and winners were awarded prizes based on company size and industry type. Participation in Best Workplaces magazine is an excellent tool for recruiting top talent. Published each year on the second Thursday in December.

LNP Progress magazine cover


Progress is an annual glossy-cover specialty publication celebrating the growth of our community, local businesses, and the people who live and work here. Progress is all about highlighting successful businesses that contribute to our community. There are many advertising opportunities in Progress, including premium positions in highlighted categories such as community, economy, health, people, and schools. The publication is included in a Sunday edition of LNP in March, reaching 200,0001 Lancaster County readers.

LNP Visit Lancaster magazine cover


A biannual publication, Visit Lancaster provides information about activities, events, and shopping destinations in Lancaster city and Lancaster County. Visit Lancaster is a favorite of day-trippers and overnight tourists, providing valuable information throughout their stay.  Over 10,000 copies are distributed throughout Lancaster County in hotels and popular tourist locations. Our Visit Lancaster package includes a full-page ad in both editions, a brand video or collaborative content article, an enhanced business listing on LancasterOnline, and more.

LNP Parade of Homes home sales section


Showcase your construction, craftsmanship, and real estate services to home design enthusiasts in LNP’s highly anticipated Parade of Homes special publication. Published annually and inserted into LNP in June, this special publication reaches over 200,0001 readers and is also available on LancasterOnline. Extra copies are distributed by the Building Industry Association. According to Forbes, brand awareness and content marketing are two key ingredients to successful realtor marketing. Achieve both in Parade of Homes!

LNP Progress magazine cover


Ensure that potential employees see your ad by placing it in our Employment Spotlight. Let everyone know you’re hiring by positioning your ad with the day’s biggest news stories. You will receive unparalleled exposure, keeping your business at the front of applicants’ minds as they look for new jobs. Employment is one of the key industries for which we have dedicated resources and longstanding expertise.

LNP Motor Monday auto section


A biweekly feature in the Monday edition of LNP, Motor Monday is distributed to over 160,0001 readers in Lancaster County. Motor Monday provides low-cost, high-reach auto advertising, allowing you to show Lancaster County car shoppers your inventory while creating brand awareness. You can also advertise up to 20 cars on LancasterOnline. This section will help you grab the attention of active and passive car shoppers as they browse through the paper each week.

LNP Parade of Homes home sales section


Trying to reach local sports fans? LNP’s High School Football Showcase is a great way to reach these passionate fans at the beginning and end of the football season. Studies have shown that for fans, identifying with a favorite team is more important than being identified with their work and social groups. Published in August and November as a preseason guide and a postseason review, this special section has everything football fans need to know about the season.

LNP Senior Living section


If you have customers, clients, or patients ages 55 and up, LNP’s Senior Living publication is the perfect place for you to advertise. Lancaster County, with its growing and vibrant retiree community, was recently ranked in the top 5 places to retire in the USA, and retirees are newspaper subscribers. Reach this affluent market through Senior Living, our popular, information-packed section designed and written especially for local seniors. The online component, at LancasterOnline.com/seniorliving, also includes a directory of senior living facilities. 

LNP Motor Monday auto section


Prepare for the holiday season with LNP’s Holiday Showcase. Position your business to maximize sales during the holiday shopping season by investing in ad space in our yearly holiday magazine. This special publication is distributed the Sunday before Thanksgiving so that your business is top-of-mind for Black Friday. Holiday Showcase highlights Lancaster County’s favorite gift ideas and seasonal local shopping information.

LNP Newspaper - Thanksgiving edition


According to Fortune, Thanksgiving is the best day of the year for businesses to promote their deals. Advertising in LNP’s popular Thanksgiving issue is a sure way to get your holiday deals noticed because the Thanksgiving issue is distributed to all paid subscribers, even those who normally do not receive a Thursday paper. Plus, over 10,000 newsstand copies are purchased on Thanksgiving Day. This incredible distribution will extend your audience for Black Friday deals to over 200,0001 readers.

1Mark Smith Associates 2015 independent market research study

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