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Millennial who? Marketers move on to Generation Z

Millennial Who? Marketers Move on to Generation Z

In the past few years, many businesses have focused their marketing efforts on reaching the millennial generation. Today, the youngest ...
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Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing: 4 Steps to Improving Your Strategy

As a marketer, I’m always looking for ways to reach the right audience, one that will benefit from and welcome ...
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LNP Media Group Digital Ad Targeting: Top 3 Strategies for Small Business Owners

Digital Ad Targeting: 3 Ways for Small Businesses to Breakthrough

Ever watch TV while you’re also checking your phone? Maybe you’re a real multi-tasker—using the TV, phone and tablet while ...
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Marketing for accountants. LNP Media Group, Lancaster, PA

3 Pieces of Advice That Marketers Have for Accountants

Accounting used to be a field where business owners could rely on the loyalty of their clients to sustain their ...
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Marketing and brand empathy. LNP Media Group, Lancaster, Pa.

Why Brand Empathy is Your Business’s Best Marketing Strategy

Brand empathy has officially become the marketing buzzword of 2017, and it’s showing no signs of slowing as we enter ...
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2018 Marketing Trends and Tips, Lancaster Pa. LNP Media Group

Business Marketing: 5 trends to plan for in 2018

If you’re getting started on your business’s 2018 marketing plan, knowing and understanding the latest consumer trends is the first ...
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Inexpensive ways to advertise for Christmas, Lancaster, PA. LNP Media Group. Holiday Advertising

3 cost-effective ways to advertise this holiday season

If you’re a small business owner, giving your holiday advertising a boost is one of the best ways to draw ...
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LNP Newspaper Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer has affected our friends, families and employees. One in eight women in Pennsylvania will be diagnosed with breast ...
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7 Tips for Attracting Black Friday Shoppers to Your Small Business

Kids are back to school and the summer has come to a close, which means that the holiday shopping season ...
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Lancaster County video Business

Video Marketing Strategies for Businesses

Video is becoming THE preferred way to consume information, especially on mobile devices and this is important news for small ...
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School children running

3 Tips To Boost Back-To-School Sales

An integral component of a well-rounded back-to-school marketing plan involves reaching your target audience at the right time, repeatedly, through ...
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Older Senior Man Reading Newspaper in Lancaster PA

How to Get in Front of the Lucrative 50+ Demographic

With so many businesses focusing their attention on marketing to Millennials, it’s easy to forget about an even bigger market ...
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Sport Football Tactic Lancaster

What Local Businesses Need to Know for Reaching Sports Fans

Lancaster County loves football, from high school teams to the NFL. Every Friday night, LNP readers take to the fields ...
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LNP Puts a Spotlight on Lancaster County Businesses

Lancaster County has always had its roots in family and local businesses, some dating back hundreds of years. Just look ...
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10 Ways to Stretch Your Ad Budget

No matter how big (or small) your ad budget is, you probably struggle with making the most of your marketing ...
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American Newspaper Reader Sunday Magazine

What 7 in 10 LNP Readers Revealed in Our Last Survey

Reading Habits can be Personal It’s probably not surprising to learn that the people at LNP Media Group are obsessed ...
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Millennials are lucrative target audience.

How to Market to Lancaster Millennials

HOW TO REACH THIS ELUSIVE BUT LUCRATIVE MARKET   Are you one of those marketers who still think that Millennials ...
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Lancaster County Facebook Advertising

Is Your Business Ready for A Facebook Campaign?

By Tiffany  Anderson    By now everyone should be taking advantage of the Facebook advertising gold rush. The number of ...
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Digital Marketing from the “Newspaper?”

by John Walker   Digital marketing has become a critical part of most marketing plans today. Platforms like Facebook offer ...
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Lancaster marketing digital advertising

5 Ways Real Estate Uses Digital to Attract Sellers

Digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. By investing in digital marketing, it can ...
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Pet marketing

5 Ways to Reach Pet Owners

It’s no surprise how important pets are to their humans; they are another member of the family. Whether it be ...
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Bar and Nightlife Scene

Cocktail Marketing: A Bar and Club Owners’ Guide to Digital Marketing

Bars and nightclubs require a slightly different marketing approach than other types of businesses. When it comes to marketing and ...
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Higher ed studying

College Marketing: The Changing Faces of Higher Ed

Whether you’re the professor or a student at a college, you understand that higher education is constantly facing changes. One ...
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How to Drive More People to your Website

Whether your website sells goods or services, it’s essential to always increase your website traffic and expose your brand to ...
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auto dealership

Go Local: How to Drive More People to Your Auto Lot

In today’s automotive retail world consumers have more information and options than ever. Whether it is new or used, car ...
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large crowd

It’s All About Location: Geo-Fencing

What is it? Geo-Fencing sends a message to consumers’ mobile devices once they enter a predefined geographic area, whether it’s ...
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holiday shopping

Go Local: Holiday Marketing for Lancaster Small Businesses

Make This Your Best Holiday Selling Season Ever! It doesn’t matter what the thermometer says; the holidays are right around ...
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Reach consumers through newspaper

Reaching Local Consumers Through Newspaper

The newspaper industry is one that is constantly transforming; but the significance of it isn’t going anywhere. Whether you’re physically ...
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Charitable Giving: A Marketers Guide

Donating to worthy causes can be as beneficial for the givers as it is for the receivers. Businesses that support ...
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Holiday Marketing

Food and Spirits Marketing

Tis the Season! What’s the first thing that comes to mind when the holidays are near? Food! Food might even ...
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Holiday Season

Seasonal Tips for Marketers

Here Come the Holidays! Lancaster County is always buzzing with excitement around the holidays. Whether it be because of the ...
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Let your message be heard

Instantly Amplify Your B2B Marketing

How to Leverage the Power of your Database  Building databases is a lot of work. Businesses spend years gathering emails ...
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Marketing to the New Food Consumer

New trends mean you need new strategies  What’s new in grocery shopping? What’s new in how people find and consume ...
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Lancaster Amish

Tourism Marketing Tips

How to Drive Visitors to Your Lancaster County Business  Everyone in Lancaster County knows that tourism is vital to our ...
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Reading newspaper

What’s the Future for Lancaster County’s Daily Newspaper?

Five Key Commitments Make the Difference  In conversations with neighbors, friends and business associates, our colleagues at LNP Media Group are ...
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Google AdWords Lancaster PA LNP

We’re a Google Partner!

What are the advantages of working with a “Google Partner” company?  Running paid search advertising campaigns on Google isn’t necessarily ...
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LNP Media Group Marketing

Cause Marketing for Local Businesses

Doing good in Lancaster County can set your business apart, win customers and grow business.  Did you know that 90 percent ...
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Marketing Lancaster County Home Holiday

Marketing Tips for Home and Holiday Retailers

Fourth Quarter is Just Around the Corner. Are You Ready? For businesses in the home and holiday markets, July is ...
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Lawn Garden Tips Marketing Business Lancaster

Marketing Tips for Lawn and Garden Marketers

It’s Time to Start Thinking About Fall It’s hard to get motivated about Fall sales when the temperatures have climbed ...
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Wedding Marketing Advertising

Trends in Wedding Marketing in Lancaster County

Image courtesy of Cindy Frey Photography. Used with permission. How to make the most of the changes in wedding traditions  No industry ...
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Advertising High School Athlete

Marketing to High School Athletes

Is it right for your business?  Marketing to high school athletes is becoming more and more popular among smart businesses ...
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Recruiting New Employees: Why Advertising Alone Isn’t Enough

By Debbie Stremmel  HR and employment professionals today have a big challenge: finding and recruiting new employees. Unemployment rates are low across ...
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5 Surprising Ways to Grow Grocery Sales

MAJOR LOCAL SURVEY UNCOVERS WHAT GROCERY SHOPPERS REALLY WANT  Earlier this year, LNP Media Group surveyed over 1,500 Lancaster County grocery ...
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financial marketing

It All Adds Up: 5 Tips for Financial Marketing

DISCOVER HOW TO STAND OUT IN A CROWDED INDUSTRY  For any business, getting noticed can be challenging,  For banks, credit ...
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Senior Media

Digital or Traditional: Which Media Works Best for Seniors?

ARE YOU MARKETING TO ADULTS 50+?  You may think that traditional marketing, such as newspaper and print, is the best ...
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digital terms

Digital Marketing Dictionary

LEARN EXACTLY WHAT TECH TERMS MEAN!   Sometimes digital vocabulary and talking technology with vendors and agencies can be intimidating ...
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5 Tips for Marketing to Lancaster Foodies

HOW TO ATTRACT ATTENTION IN A FOODIE COUNTY  Lancaster County has always had a special relationship with its food. After ...
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Mobile marketing in Lancaster County

How to Successfully Target Mobile Prospects

BE TIMELY AND RELEVANT TO MAKE THE MOST IMPACT.      For many of your customers, the mobile phone is ...
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Real estate marketing in Lancaster County

Digital Tips for Real Estate Marketers

RETHINK DIGITAL TO ATTRACT MORE BUYERS AND SELLERS.    Real estate professionals are busy people. Between prospecting, open houses, working ...
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Lancaster County Brides

5 Smart Ways to Reach Lancaster County Brides

TRY NEW STRATEGIES TO REACH THIS LUCRATIVE AUDIENCE.    Lancaster County offers brides a wide range of on-trend wedding options. From customized ...
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4 Ways to Get More Clients for Your Tax Business

BUILD YOUR BUSINESS THIS TAX SEASON.     Now that the New Year is behind us, tax professionals are feeling ...
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