Case Studies

See how businesses in the Mid-Atlantic region have improved brand awareness and driven sales using powerful digital marketing tactics. From targeted display advertising to SEO, we’ve designed marketing campaigns that deliver results. Explore each business’s success story.

— Email Marketing —

The Arts at Millersville

The Arts at Millersville, a branch of Millersville University, is Lancaster County’s home for the cultural arts. The Arts at Millersville features music, theater, poetry, dance, and art at two exquisite performing arts centers.

Project Goals
The Arts at Millersville wanted to reach people who had never attended an event, but did not know how to reach a qualified audience of new customers. LNP Media Group designed a highly targeted email marketing campaign to connect local arts enthusiasts with The Arts at Millersville. The email campaign was fully CAN-SPAM compliant, beautifully designed, and contained a strong call to action.

The Arts at Millersville was thrilled to see rapid ticket sales from the email campaign. Awareness of The Arts at Millersville increased as over 3,000 people opened the email and learned about The Arts at Millersville’s programming. These people would not have discovered The Arts at Millersville’s events without LNP Media Group’s campaign, proving our partnership a success.


  • 15,500 emails sent
  • 13% open rate
  • 3% click through rate

Refreshing Mountain

Refreshing Mountain Retreat and Adventure Center provides clean, comfortable and safe facilities for family, youth and faith-based retreats. Refreshing Mountain offers an array of exciting adventures, such as ziplining, an escape room, a wildlife center, a farm animal program, and horseback riding.

Project Goals
Refreshing Mountain wanted to reach a new audience of prospective customers. The digital team at LNP Media Group developed an email marketing campaign that targeted parents within a 30 minute drive time with an interest in outdoor activities. The email campaign was fully CAN-SPAM compliant, beautifully designed, and contained a strong call to action.

Refreshing Mountain received excellent results from the email marketing campaign, with a significant uptick in reservations over their holiday period. Refreshing Mountain’s brand awareness was also enhanced via retargeting impressions that were delivered to the campaign audience. LNP Media Group’s targeted email marketing campaign allowed Refreshing Mountain to connect with an audience that they would not have been able to reach any other way.


  • 25,000 emails sent
  • 15.55% open rate
  • 2.35% click through rate
  • 25,150 retargeting impressions
  • 0.12% retargeting click through rate

— Facebook Marketing —

Finial & Fern

Finial & Fern is a family-owned and operated store in Leola, Pennsylvania, offering a unique collection of antiques, plants, local art, vintage items, and salvaged industrial pieces. The mission of Finial & Fern’s owners is to offer a variety of hard-to-find home décor items to the Lancaster community.

Project Goals

Finial & Fern wanted to increase foot traffic to their Leola store and grow brand awareness in Lancaster County, but they were not sure how to reach the right audience online. LNP Media Group developed a targeted Facebook marketing campaign to connect Finial & Fern with Facebook users who reside in the area and have interests in gardening and home decor.


Finial & Fern experienced an impressive increase in their in-store customers throughout the duration of the Facebook campaign. Awareness of Finial & Fern’s brand online also grew, as the campaign generated nearly 200 likes on their Facebook page, proving their partnership with LNP Media Group a success.


  • 52,998 impressions
  • 9% click through rate
  • 346 post reactions

Healing Paws

Healing Paws Animal Hospital is a state-of-the-art veterinary facility in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Healing Paws’ highly skilled professionals strive to ensure that your pets are well cared for, treated effectively, and comforted. Healing Paws offers competitive pricing relative to other veterinarians’ offices.

Project Goals

Healing Paws wanted to invite local pet owners to their grand opening, but didn’t know how to find pet owners online. LNP Media Group created a highly targeted Facebook campaign that reached neighborhood pet owners and invited them to Healing Paws’ grand opening. LNP Media group’s ad artists designed eye-catching ads that caught the attention of local pet lovers.


Because of captivating imagery and precise Facebook targeting, over 2,700 people clicked on the ads and 38 people attended Healing Paws’ grand opening event. LNP Media Group successfully generated immediate customers for this new company, helping to launch their business during the crucial start-up stage.


  • 43,405 impressions
  • 23% click through rate
  • 323 post reactions

— Pay-Per-Click Marketing —

Hall’s Septic Services

With over 22 years of experience, Hall’s Septic Services provides trusted, professional septic tank services including cleaning, repair, and inspections. Hall’s also offers portable toilets for any occasion.

Project Goals
Hall’s Septic Services relies on their website to bring in new customers, and search engines are the main channel through which new customers find Hall’s website. LNP Media Group’s Google Certified team implemented a paid search (PPC) campaign to capture people in the moment when they are searching online for a septic service or portable toilets. The digital team at LNP Media Group optimized keywords, ad messaging, bidding, and display settings, with a goal of increasing leads and reducing cost-per-lead.

Hall’s Septic System experienced dramatic improvement across all metrics due to LNP Media Group’s paid search campaign:

Results (first 6 months vs. second 6 months):

  • Click-through-rate +116%
  • Conversion rate +130%
  • Leads +77%
  • Cost-per-lead -50%

West Dover Dental

West Dover Dental opened their doors in 2015 with the goal of providing a broad range of excellent dental services. West Dover Dental is a one-stop-shop dental office, offering family, general, cosmetic, and pediatric dentistry.

Project Goals
West Dover Dental relies on their website to bring in new customers, and search engines are the main channel through which new customers find the website. LNP Media Group’s Google Certified team implemented a paid search (PPC) campaign to capture people in the moment when they are searching online for a dentist. The digital team at LNP Media Group researched the right keywords for West Dover Dental, and continued to optimize the campaign throughout the month. The goal was to increase leads and reduce cost-per-lead.

Because of LNP Media Group’s paid search campaign, West Dover Dental experienced dramatic improvement across all metrics:

Results (first 6 months vs. second 6 months):

  • Impressions +82%
  • Clicks +126%
  • Click-through-rate +24%
  • Calls +150%
  • Leads +160%
  • Cost-per-lead -25%

— SEO Marketing —

McComb’s Supply

McComb’s Supply offers replacement repair parts for dishwashers, dryers, microwaves, range-ovens, refrigerators, washing machines, and much more. McComb’s has a brick and mortar store and an e-commerce site.

Project Goals

McComb’s e-commerce site is a critical part of their business, with revenue from e-commerce increasing every year. McComb’s relies on the expertise of LNP Media Group’s Google Partner team to maximize the site’s performance and findability online. LNP Media Group’s white hat SEO tactics for McComb’s included keyword optimization, meta tag improvements, unique content creation, and inbound link building.

Through LNP Media Group’s work, McComb’s experienced tremendous improvement across all metrics, with over 6,000% improvement in keyword rankings alone.

Results (in 18 months):

  • Organic traffic +65%
  • Keyword rankings +6,173%
  • Organic traffic revenue +233%
  • Organic traffic conversion rate +326%

“I couldn’t have gotten here without your expertise”

Ken McCombs III, Co-owner

Summit Heating and Air Conditioning

Summit Heating and Air Conditioning is a full service HVAC company providing maintenance, repair and installation of residential and commercial HVAC systems, generators, and water heaters. Summit provides high quality service at honest prices.

Project Goals

Summit’s website is a conduit for new business, and search engines drive much of the traffic to their site. LNP Media Group’s Google Partner team improved the site’s performance by using white hat SEO tactics such as keyword optimization, meta tag improvements, unique content creation, and inbound link building. LNP Media Group operates with full transparency by providing detailed monthly reporting, open communication, and no hidden fees.

Through the work of LNP Media Group’s digital team, Summit’s site performance improved across all metrics.

Results (in 12 months):

  • Organic traffic +128%
  • Keyword rankings +495%

— Video Marketing —

Kegel’s Produce

Established in the 1930’s, Kegel’s Produce serves Lancaster County as a respected distributor of fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, juices, and herbs. Kegel’s has a reputation for high-quality products and competitive pricing, and is a supplier for many local restaurants.

Project Goals
Kegel’s Produce wanted to grow revenue at their partner restaurants in order to increase their own sales. To tackle this goal, Kegel’s partnered with LNP Media Group and jointly created a cooking show called “Produce Playground” featuring Kegel’s fresh-from-the-farm produce. On the show, Kegel’s Chef Eloy James worked culinary magic with chefs from each of Kegel’s partner restaurants. LNP Media Group’s news website, LancasterOnline, hosted and promoted the show, thus attracting Lancaster County residents to both Kegel’s Produce and their partner restaurants. Videos were posted on LancasterOnline, and on Kegel’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Kegel’s Produce experienced a sharp growth in sales from both restaurant customers and in-store purchasers due to the sponsored video series. Awareness of their brand has grown significantly across social media, with over 700 new followers on Kegel’s Facebook page and over 1,000 new Twitter followers.


  • 3,648 video views on LancasterOnline
  • 741 Facebook follows
  • 732 Facebook likes
  • 1,045 Twitter follows
  • 13 Twitter likes

Landis at Home

Landis at Home is a licensed home care agency, providing reliable, cost-effective service to adults who live at Landis Homes or within a 15-mile radius. Landis at Home provides peace of mind for aging adults and their families, in the comfort of their home.

Project Goals
Landis at Home wanted to capture the essence of what they do and why they do it, which goes beyond physical care and includes kindness and companionship. LNP Media Group provided Landis at Home with vision, storyboarding, art direction, on-site shooting, lighting, sound, and professional editing.

The video created by LNP Media Group is a heartfelt testimony to the powerful impact of compassionate, in-home care. The couple who are featured in the video, Bill and Janet, tell their story in an honest and compelling way, which helps viewers understand the services provided by Landis at Home. Landis at Home was thrilled with the video and has placed it on the home page of their website.

Landis at Home decided to get a video made to be able to promote our services/business in the digital market.  LNP Media Group walked us through their recommendations and held our hands step by step through the process. Dustin and his team really listened to learn what the message was we wanted to share. He asked questions and used the information he had gathered to conduct an interview of our clients and their caregiver that really got to the heart of what we do every day when providing home care services and why. Dustin and his team projected a very calm atmosphere making those being filmed very comfortable and at ease allowing them to portray their true selves. Dustin and his team were open to suggestions and additional angles or shots to capture a specific moment and in the editing process. We have sent the video to our Board members and staff members and have received so much positive feedback. One of my team members was “moved to tears” when watching. We are very thankful for LNP Media Group for their expertise and for the excellent video that was produced.

— Targeted Display —

St. Anne’s Retirement Community

St. Anne’s Retirement Community is a top-rated care organization with integrated facilities that serve senior citizens. The retirement community has independent and assisted-living accommodations with state-of-the-art amenities. St. Anne’s was established on traditional Christian values in Columbia, Pennsylvania, in 1928 and continues to spread the ministry of Jesus within their work. However, St. Anne’s welcomes with open arms people of all backgrounds and all faiths.

Project Goals
St. Anne’s Retirement Community wanted to increase awareness of their brand, and wanted to attract new residents to their villas. LNP Media Group developed a sophisticated targeted display campaign to reach St. Anne’s desired demographic with a reasonable cost and strong ROI.

Because of LNP Media Group’s targeted display campaign, St. Anne’s reported an impressive increase in open house visitors, selling most of their new villas after only a short period of time. Brand awareness of St. Anne’s Retirement Community increased, with an increase in residential inquiries. Reporting on the campaign demonstrated that people who had seen St. Anne’s digital ads were 43% more likely to visit St. Anne’s website than people who hadn’t seen their ads.


  • 122,564 impressions
  • 180 clicks
  • 15% click through rate


Sundance is a local small business that specializes in self-serve car washes and laundromats. Sundance maintains clean, modern equipment at their locations for customers to use at minimal cost. Sundance has been locally owned and operated since 1972 and now has five carwashes and two laundromats in Lancaster County.

Project Goals
Sundance wanted to increase foot traffic to their laundromats and car washes and increase usage of their loyalty app, but were not sure how to grow awareness of their brand using digital channels. LNP Media Group’s digital team created an advertising strategy focused on targeted display in order to keep costs low and ROI high. LNP Media Group’s ad artists designed attention-grabbing creatives that promoted Sundance’s services and their rewards app. The ads were precision targeted to a local audience, including readers of LancasterOnline.

Sundance reported satisfaction with increases in web traffic, foot traffic, and app downloads. Sundance’s goals were exceeded, demonstrating the benefits of partnering with LNP Media Group for digital campaigns.


  • 101,107 impressions
  • 201 clicks
  • 20% click through rate
  • 210 visits to Sundance’s site

— geofencing —


TinyLux is a manufacturer of small but luxurious living spaces for people looking to live more with less. TinyLux designs carefully crafted sheds, pool houses, cabins, playhouses, mobile homes, and miniature houses. Craftsmanship and on-time delivery are hallmarks of TinyLux’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

Project Goals
TinyLux wanted to increase the number of houses they sold and decrease their sales lead time. However, TinyLux was unsure how to connect with new potential buyers. To solve TinyLux’s marketing challenge, LNP Media Group strategically placed virtual geofences around areas frequented by key target demographics for TinyLux. For example, during the winter, TinyLux wanted to grow sales specifically for their cabins. To find this audience, LNP Media Group’s digital team placed geofences around sporting goods stores and hunting associations.

TinyLux reported that during LNP Media Group’s geofencing campaign, houses began selling faster than they could track. Brand awareness of TinyLux also grew, as LNP Media Group’s ads generated over 49,000 impressions viewed on mobile websites. These terrific results demonstrate the success of TinyLux’s partnership with LNP Media Group.


  • 49,153 impressions
  • 473 clicks
  • 0.96% click through rate

Toll Roads News

Toll Roads News is the online leader in reporting about the toll roads industry.

Project Goals
Toll Roads News wanted to increase awareness of their site to increase online subscribers. Toll Roads News readership is national in scope and is a very niche audience. To reach this highly specific audience, LNP Media Group strategically placed virtual geofences around major transportation conference locations in CA, NY, MD, NV, TN, IL and Denmark. The locations included conference centers and hotels in order to capture the maximum number of conference attendees. Ads for Toll Roads News were shown to conference attendees on their mobile devices.

Toll Roads News reported a significant increase in web traffic and paid subscribers on their site as a result of LNP Media Group’s highly targeted geofencing campaign.


  • 54,129 impressions
  • 379 clicks
  • 0.7% click through rate