Geo-Targeted Mobile Advertising

Unrivaled Precision

Geo-targeted mobile advertising (geofencing) targets specific audiences through a virtual geographic boundary (or “fence”). Our team will work with you to identify locations with a dense population of your target audience. Once the target locations are identified, we will develop engaging digital creatives to deliver to individuals inside the fence on their location-enabled mobile devices. Pew Research demonstrates that 85% of Americans now own a smartphone, which makes geofencing an ideal advertising strategy. We also offer geo-video campaigns, which are similar to geofencing but include 15-30 second video clips instead of GIF ads/digital creatives.

Modernize your Approach


Geo-targeted mobile advertising ( geofencing ) is one of the most effective and advanced ways of reaching an on-the-go audience at the right time and place. We define precise location targeting to craft a laser-focused campaign audience for your business.


When mobile users enter a geofenced area with their GPS-enabled device, their location is captured and your targeted ads are ready to be served to their device when they access apps and websites.

Capture Events

Whether you want to target a general location or a specific sporting event, concert, or business, we can help you reach your target demographic.


Individuals who engage with a geofencing ad can be retargeted on the same device at a later point in time, even after they’ve left the fenced area. By enabling retargeting, your campaign will hold the attention of your target audience over a longer period of time, thus maintaining top of mind awareness.

Landing Pages

We design custom landing pages that drive conversion and include forms to capture leads and contact information. Your geofencing ads can click through to a coordinated landing page that will feature a clear call-to-action and engaging content. We offer custom landing page design for any type of digital marketing campaign.

Modernize your Geofencing approach

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We Capture Attention

Your ads are shown on apps and websites people are using—including more than 14,000 of our premium media partners. By leveraging our strong relationships, we provide access to both the Lancaster County market and the national market.

We Get Results

We’re here to help you grow your business. Check out our case studies page to hear what our clients have to say about us and read about their successful campaigns.

We Enhance your Experience

Want to take your digital advertising to the next level? Our digital display ads work hand-in-hand with geofencing to maximize the reach and retargeting potential of your campaign. Contact our team to find out more about the most effective ways to utilize geo-targeted location ads.

What to Expect

We keep you updated on your campaign at all times by providing in-depth reporting on the success of each individual creative asset and fence. We’ll sit down with you regularly to review our reporting metrics and talk through ways to optimize the campaign moving forward.

Step #1: Define Goals and Develop Strategy

We listen to your objectives and learn about your business so that we can develop the best geofencing strategy for you.

Step #2: Identify Fences and Creatives

Once we understand your strategic objectives, we’ll begin brainstorming fence locations and our graphic designers will produce engaging ads that speak to your target audience.

Step #3: Launch your Campaign

Once all the details are worked out, we’ll get your campaign started so you can begin seeing results. Our team will keep you updated on every aspect of your campaign performance.

Step #4: Reporting

We’ll review your campaign with you on a regular basis, describing the results, measuring return on investment, and providing recommendations for optimization moving forward

Results Matter

You want to be sure that you’re investing with a company that is knowledgeable and has a history of success. Our results speak for themselves; our clients love their experience with LNP Media Group. Check out our case studies for more examples of our clients’ successes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes geofencing special?

Geofencing is unique when compared to other forms of digital advertising due to its GPS targeted fences. These fences allow you to single out specific locations where your target audience may be, such as special events or competing businesses, allowing you to market to these consumers during and after the time that they have visited the targeted location. Geofencing also provides specific, detailed analytics regarding visits and frequency.

How does geofencing work?
Geofencing ads are delivered in apps and on mobile websites on tablets and mobile phones that have location services enabled. When a user enters the “fence” with location services enabled on their phone, an impression becomes available. We work to secure this impression and deliver your ad in this space. Ads often appear in gaming apps, weather apps, news websites, etc.
What are the limitations to consider?
Since geofencing ads are delivered based on physical location, we cannot target by demographic (gender, age, etc.). Therefore, it is very important to choose locations that will encompass a dense population of your target audience. Not all companies and organizations have logical geofencing strategies, meaning it is not the best marketing tactic for all advertisers. Our digital experts will work with you to determine whether geofencing is the best strategy for you.
Should my business invest in geofencing?

Many industries can benefit from geofencing and it is an important part of a diverse marketing portfolio. Geofencing has been proven to increase sales and it leads to faster conversions while also contributing to brand awareness. Geofencing represents a unique way to reach your target market, distinct from other forms of advertising. At LNP Media Group, we are experts in how to use geofencing to its maximum potential. Let our experts perform a free audit of your business’s website to get you started.