Investigative journalism is vital to a healthy community.

From exposing the identity of a notorious white nationalist trying to launch a newspaper in Lancaster County, to analyzing the effects the PA Farm Bill will have on Pennsylvania farmers, to reporting on misconduct among our state representatives, our gritty, award-winning reporting informs the citizens about issues affecting life in the communities we serve.

By working to expose as many facts as possible, our tenacious journalists are able to provide readers with a more nuanced and complete picture of how government, at all levels, is operating and to hold our elected official accountable.

One example of our team’s commitment to bringing sunlight to the issues: annually, our team files dozens of official requests under Pennsylvania’s Right to Know Law and the federal Freedom of Information Act. Providing the public with a common set of facts and information is imperative in the course by which communities self-govern. Bringing such information to light would not occur if not for the journalists and employees of LNP Media Group.

Our reporting has made a tangible difference in our community and our work has been recognized with prestigious awards. Our publications are a shining example of the influence a newspaper committed to quality local reporting can have in enriching and helping to protect the community it serves. LNP Media Group also serves local businesses through a robust array of print and digital advertising options designed to draw customers in the door.

LNP LancasterOnline
Water treatment plant
Water Quality Report

A year-long investigation into the quality of drinking water in Lancaster County. This series covered lead levels, municipal water treatment plants, private wells, legislation, and water quality in schools.

DA Office making an announcement
DA Office Use of Public Funds

Discovery of misuse of public drug forfeiture funds by a local government official, to pay for a rental car.

Video Screenshot Lancaster Patriot
Lancaster Patriot

An investigation into the identity of the person attempting to start The Patriot publication in Lancaster. The person was revealed as an avowed racist and conspiracy theorist and the publication did not go forward.  

Lancaster Farming
Hemp farmers picking plants
The Plight of Hemp Growers

An exploration into the complexities of growing hemp profitably, from a legal and competitive standpoint.

Harrisburg PA state capitol building
PA Farm Bill

An examination of funding decisions in the $11 billion PA Farm Bill, including the loss of $6 million dollars for dairy grants which will impact struggling dairy farmers.

The Caucus logo
Capitol Building
Harassment in Harrisburg

Sexual harassment and intimidation by PA lawmakers results in a toxic culture.

The Senate yoga and meditation room
Taxes for yoga

The little-known, taxpayer-funded yoga room in the capital that is inaccessible to taxpayers.

Mike Stack speaking to an audience
Lt. Gov. Mike Stack 

Investigation into the alleged verbal abuse of state employees by Lt. Gov. Mike Stack.