Automotive Marketing

Automotive Marketing with LNP

The most successful automotive marketing campaigns use fully integrated, multichannel strategies. LNP Media Group should be your agency of choice for multichannel campaigns; we are the only print newspaper in Lancaster County, and we augment our print reach with a full suite of digital products implemented by our Google Certified team. LNP Media Group also has an in-house team of videographers who can help you tell your personal dealership story.

LNP offers many other types of ad space, sponsorships, and collaborative content, all of which create further brand awareness for your dealership. More information on these opportunities can be found here.

Automotive Marketing through Digital Channels:

Content marketing

Best practices in automotive marketing include using content marketing to draw visitors to your dealership website. Topics such as vehicle maintenance, tips on car buying, safety news, and fuel economy build trust with potential buyers. LNP Media Group’s team of professional writers can create compelling articles and blog posts to improve your dealership’s website visibility on search engine results pages.

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