Marketing Strategy Sessions

LNP Media Group’s skilled marketing strategists offer free whiteboarding sessions to local businesses, in person or over a video conference.

What type of business will benefit most from a marketing strategy session?

Any business can benefit from a marketing strategy session, but these sessions are particularly helpful to small and medium sized companies that do not have a full marketing team. However, even if your business does have a marketing team, the strategy session can be incredibly valuable.

In our daily lives running a business or a marketing program, we tend to move from task to task quickly. Attending a marketing strategy session with LNP Media Group is a chance to take a moment away from the rush. Our team will lead you through a full Customer Needs Analysis (CNA) and competitive assessment.

Who should attend from your business?

Participating businesses usually bring more than one person. Generally the marketing person attends (if there is one) and usually the business owner. Sometimes department heads also attend, for larger companies, and even key vendors.

Who attends from LNP Media Group?

The best part about these sessions is that you get direct access to our team of print and digital marketing experts in a way that can’t happen on a sales call. Depending on your needs, we may bring in experts in:  graphic design, social media marketing, Google Ads, email marketing, geo-targeted mobile ads, video marketing, and more. We have a whole team of specialists working locally in our office. We also try to include people who represent different demographics and points of view.

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What happens during the strategy session?

We perform a full Customer Needs Analysis (CNA):

Client profile:
  • What is your business? What are your services, products, etc.?
  • What does your site look like? We may provide an SEO site audit at the meeting.
  • What is your social media presence like? Are you following best practices?
  • What makes your business unique or special? How does your business impact the community?
Client’s main goals and objectives in advertising:

  • More customers?
  • Greater awareness?
  • Sell more of one specific product or service?
    Target Audience:
    • Geography
    • Demographics (age, income, interests, behavior, etc.)
    • What does the target audience value—why would they use the your products or service?
    • Who is your current audience? Is it the same or different than your target audience?
    • Who are your competitors?
    • What are your business’s differentiating characteristics from your competitors?
    Current state of marketing:

    • What types of marketing are you currently doing?
    • What have you done in the past? Has it worked or not?
    • What results do your digital reports show?
    • Do you have a budget/timeline for upcoming marketing efforts?
    What are the deliverables from the strategy session?

    We give you well-crafted recommendations for how to improve your marketing using both paid options as well as free, organic tactics you can do on your own (e.g. social media plans, messaging ideas, photography ideas, branding ideas). We even include suggestions for media that we don’t directly sell, such as radio or billboards, where appropriate. We provide full notes from the meeting with all needed details. We focus on ensuring that our recommendations for paid products and services are budget-friendly.

    We also take a holistic view of your entire marketing program. For example, if you are spending money elsewhere to raise brand awareness, then we’ll balance that out by focusing our efforts on lead generation and conversion, or vice versa.

    How often can I participate in a marketing strategy session?

    We think an annual strategy session is a great way to set your marketing plan and budget for the year. Annual strategy sessions are a chance for our team and your team to reconnect in an unhurried, creative atmosphere.

    What’s the value?

    Independent agencies charge thousands of dollars for marketing strategies. We provide more value, at no cost to you! To schedule your free marketing strategy session talk to your Advertising Representative or contact us today.

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