Are you marketing to adults 50+?

You may think that traditional marketing, such as newspaper and print, is the best medium for your target audience. After all, it has powerful benefits: you get broad reach, you have well-developed audiences, you can ensure exclusivity within a time block or within news sections. It’s true that print is still one of the very best ways to build brand awareness.

Digital marketing tactics, on the other hand, offer their own set of benefits. Most notably, digital marketing offers:

  • Refined analytics
  • Precise targeting
  • Reliable success measurements
  • Budget-friendly options
  • Increased exposure

So what percentage of your budget is spent on digital vs. traditional marketing? The reality is that the most effective programs are deeply integrated. The question is: how do you build an effective marketing plan when your target audience is mainly offline?

Marketing for Older Adults

Research is showing that not only do seniors (and their adult children) want to become familiar with a product or service before purchasing, the internet has now become the most popular way for them to do that kind of research.

Take a look at the following facts that dispel the senior/anti-tech stereotype:

Welcome to the World of Digital Marketing!

Where to begin? Think about how you want to allocate your advertising dollars; the most effective plans use the best features of both digital and traditional together to build awareness, create engagement and generate sales leads.

Don’t think of digital vs. traditional marketing as “either-or.” The right answer is both.

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