Streaming Audio

Reach listeners on-the-go with streaming audio!

What is streaming audio advertising?

Streaming audio ads are delivered to consumers as they listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks or other content through internet streaming services such as:

Who is listening to streaming audio advertising*?

  • 70% of people ages 12+ report that they tune in to streaming audio weekly.
  • 53% of adults have listened to a podcast in the last­ month.
  • 20% of all radio listeners are tuning into streaming radio.
  • 79% of audio consumption takes place while people are engaged in activities where visual media cannot reach them.

Targeting options

Similar to display and geofencing ad campaigns, streaming audio campaigns do not allow the selection of a specific podcast or music genre or audiobook. Instead, streaming audio campaigns use the selection of a target audience who the campaign reaches regardless of what they are listening to online.

Platforms on which our streaming audio ads are heard include:,, Apple podcasts, Sonos, Audioboom,, and many more.

Streaming audio ads can be targeted by:

  • Geography – including zip codes
  • Device – mobile, desktop, tablet

The frequency with which a streaming audio ad will run depends on the campaign, but a typical campaign includes 30,000 monthly impressions, which would mean the streaming audio ad would be heard roughly 1,000 times a day.


The creatives for streaming audio campaigns are 15 and 30 second audio ads. These can be scripted and produced by LNP Media Group’s local video/audio team at our state-of-the-art studio.

Outsourced voiceover is also acceptable.

Campaign Metrics

Streaming audio is an on the go platform and does not support tracking metrics like website visits. Similar to traditional radio, the objective is for the message to resonate with the listener so that they will take action later. Thus, because streaming audio isn’t clickable, we recommend layering streaming audio campaigns with conversion tactics such as social media campaigns, paid search,, or email marketing to boost conversion.