Print Marketing

With over 200,0001 readers and 225 plus years of industry experience, there’s no better place for print marketing than LNP.  Newspapers are the #1 most trusted print marketing source for consumers, with 82% reporting that they trust newspaper ads. We boast a broad array of print products including magazines, in-paper ads, classifieds, and special sections. This targeted collection allows you to reach specific groups of consumers. Newspaper print marketing works especially well when combined with other channels.

LNP|LancasterOnline Readership

Who are our readers?

  • Over 18 83% 83%
  • Married 75% 75%
  • Median Household Income of $50k-75k 75% 75%
  • 75k Household Income 43% 43%

LNP reaches over 83% of the Lancaster County population over 18 years of age. Our readers are in their prime buying years with median age of 50 – 54 years of age. Almost half of our readers have some form of higher education. Three-quarters of our readers are married, so you’ll reach at least two people in the home. And, most importantly, our readers are affluent, with a median household income of $50K – $75K per year, plus 43% of readers exceeding a household income of $75K per year2.

Why LNP?

LNP maintains a strong, loyal readership through our commitment to the community. We are dedicated to serving the people and businesses that reside in our county.

Why advertise with us? Newspaper is the most trusted form of media in Lancaster County, and newspaper ads lead to more purchases than ads in magazines, on television, in the mail, or on the radio2.

When you partner with news media, you have access to highly engaged consumers of all ages, on all platforms and at any scale2.

Recent studies have confirmed that newspapers are by far the primary source of purchasing information in Pennsylvania.

  • A survey by an independent research firm, American Opinion Research (AOR), found that 83 percent of Pennsylvania adults, ranging in ages 18 to 34, read a newspaper in print or digitally each week3.
  • What does this mean for advertisers? Six-in-ten consumers reportedly make a purchase during an average month after seeing an ad in a printed newspaper or newspaper website3.


Adults (18-34) who read a newspaper each week.

LNP Print MaRKETING Opportunities

Premium Ad Placements:

1 - Full Page Wrap

Front Page Wraps are the largest and most prominent ad position offered on the newspaper! Front Page Wraps wrap around the entire outside of the paper, providing your business with expansive ad positioning on the front and back of the newspaper.

2 - Sky Box and Ad Note

Be seen above the fold with a stand-out rectangle ad located in the top right corner of the front page, either in-print or a glossy adhesive sticker.

3 - Banner Ad

A front page ad across the length of the bottom of the page.

4 - Half Page Cover

A half page ad on the Sunday Local section front.

5 - Jewel Box Ad

A rectangular ad at the bottom right.

EL (Entertainment Lancaster)

Ad space in LNP’s special entertainment and arts broadsheet every Thursday.

LNP Print Advertising Opportunities

LNP Specialty Publications I Do cover


LNP’s specialty publications offer unique content that doesn’t get featured in our daily paper. These publications focus on some of Lancaster County’s hottest trends, important events, and key demographic niches. Whether you want to reach newly engaged couples in I Do, or seniors in Senior Living, or area tourists in Visit Lancaster, or local sports fans in High School Football Preview, we can help. Contact us for the entire list of specialty publications we offer or for more information.

Balance Magazine Cover

Balance Magazine

Balance magazine is Lancaster’s freshest face! Balance is the most widely circulated magazine in Lancaster County, reaching over 160,000* readers with each issue. Published every quarter, this glossy magazine embraces gorgeous photography and features Lancaster County life, people, arts, home, design, food, and much more. Be featured in the magazine with an article, a trendy item, or a beautiful advertising spread. Contact us with any questions about this lifestyle magazine.

Readers Choice awards 2020

Readers’ Choice Awards

For the past twenty years LNP has been running its hugely popular annual Readers’ Choice Awards.  Each year, over 10,000 readers vote on their favorite Lancaster County businesses in over 300 categories. Winners are featured in Readers’ Choice Magazine, published in August. Yearly favorites receive recognition awards, while voters are entered for a chance to win giveaways. Advertise during the Readers’ Choice voting phase to make sure your business gets this critically important seal of approval from our readers!

LNP Pocket total market coverage


Pocket is LNP’s total market coverage product with an option for zoned distribution. On Wednesdays, Pocket is delivered by mail to every Lancaster County household that does not subscribe to LNP. You can insert your own flyer into Pocket or purchase ad space on the Pocket wrapper.  When combined with ads in LNP, Pocket is an affordable way to reach 100% of households in Lancaster County. Contact us to get your sales flyer distributed to the entire County at a very affordable price.

Weekly Community Newspapers

The unique small towns that make up Lancaster County have their own stories to tell. These historic small towns have deeply engaged residents and active communities. Our weekly hyperlocal community newspapers are the Lititz Record, Ephrata Review, and Elizabethtown Advocate, and exclusively cover news in their respective areas. Contact us for more information about print advertising in our community newspapers.

The Litits Record Front Page

The Lititz Record

First established in 1877, the Lititz Record is the community newspaper of Lititz, voted the coolest small town in America in 2013. The Lititz Record covers local news, school board meetings, police logs and more for both Lititz and Manheim PA. Current readership is approximately 29,0004.

The Ephrata Review Front Page

The Ephrata Review

The Ephrata Review provides in-depth coverage of local news, events, schools, and history for Ephrata and Cocalico PA.  Established in 1878, the newspaper has a current readership of approximately 27,0004.

The Elizabethtown Advocate Front Page

The Elizabethtown Advocate

Founded in 2010, the Elizabethtown Advocate has a current readership of approximately 15,0004. The Elizabethtown Advocate serves Elizabethtown, Mount Joy and surrounding areas with hyperlocal news, high school sports, and entertainment coverage.

Lancaster Farming

Lancaster Farming

Since 1955, Lancaster Farming has delivered agricultural news, market and commodity reports, and agribusiness innovations to more than 158,0004 readers. At over 180 pages per week, Lancaster Farming is known for its massive classified, auction, and farm equipment marketplace.

1Mark Smith Associates 2015 independent market research study. 22018 Release 1 Nielsen Scarborough Report; American Opinion Research. 3Full report presented at the PNA’s 2016 Annual Publishers’ Convention. 4Mark Smith Associates 2006 independent market research study.