How to attract attention in a foodie county:

Lancaster County has always had a special relationship with its food. After all, we’re rooted in a strong agricultural economy:

  • We boast the oldest farmers’ market in America and we’re spoiled with hundreds of farm stands and CSAs.
  • We have a wide variety of grocers providing everything from imported salmon to heavenly baked goods.
  • We also have a thriving culinary community that provides a steady stream of top-notch restaurants, coffee houses, food trucks, and gourmet markets.

In Lancaster County, being a foodie is about loving food, caring about where it comes from, and appreciating the care and expertise of a good cook, whether they’re in a restaurant or in our home kitchen.

So how can you, as a business owner, capitalize on Lancaster County’s seemingly endless appetite for great food? The multi-media marketing experts at LNP Media Group offer these suggestions:

It’s time to get social

Social media is key in attracting this demographic:

  • Foodies are known for their extensive use of social media, which they employ more than 7 times a day to quench their thirst for inspiration and admiration.
  • Studies report 90% of foodies are active on Facebook and 73% regularly use Instagram, so think about ways to inspire your customers and prospects using these highly visual mediums. Challenge them to inspire others with invitations to post on your pages as well

Give them room to brag

Foodies like to share their great culinary life with others:

  • Are you giving them the forum to share? Do you allow photos? Have you set up a photo spot that encourages customers to take photos in designated, branded areas of your business?

Here’s a free and impactful opportunity to let your customers do the marketing for you, so take advantage of it.

Invest in Image Advertising

While social media is vital, beautiful print advertising gets foodies excited as well:

  • Building awareness prior to the moment a prospect decides on a market, restaurant, or farm stand is key to driving new customers to your business.
  • Print allows you to share big color photos, so invest in great photography. Appeal to the senses by highlighting your best products and promoting them prominently.

Rethink the coupon

Print coupons aren’t thought of as glamorous, but they are still one of the most effective ways to drive food sales. In addition to traditional coupons, consider special sales and events targeted to upscale customers looking for premium offerings. LNP Media Group can help you develop special ads and inserts with offers that have appeal to the foodies in our county.

Become the “Readers Choice”

The annual LNP Readers’ Choice Awards are influential:

  • Being named a top food market or restaurant by your own customers can have a positive and lasting impact to your bottom line.
  • If you believe you are one of the best in Lancaster County, promote the awards on your website, on your social media, and on premise. Send out emails. Give out cards to customers. It’s time you got the recognition you deserve!

Want more ideas for your market or restaurant? Contact us and we’ll put our food marketing team to work on a customized plan to grow your business.

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