Charitable Giving: A Marketers Guide

Donating to worthy causes can be as beneficial for the givers as it is for the receivers. Businesses that support non-profits can increase customer loyalty, boost brand awareness, and even garner more sales. With so many reasons to give, this may be the right time to start thinking about how your business can incorporate charitable giving into its marketing strategy.

In 2015, Alignable conducted a survey of small business owners on charitable giving around the holidays. The survey found that for 2015, 47 percent of small businesses planned to give more to charity than in the past year, and that 90 percent of donations went to local causes. Businesses like to give, and give to support local causes. So how can your business develop a plan for charitable giving?

Be Passionate About Your Cause

Picking a cause you believe in is important. Consumers are skilled at figuring out which companies are sincere, and which are simply going through the motions. If you care about your cause, your passion will shine through.

Promote Your Efforts

Whether you’re donating goods or services to a local charity, don’t hide your good deeds. Send out a press release to local media outlets with information and photos that highlights your involvement. Include it in your newsletters. Create links on your website. Send out emails asking customers to get involved. Feature posts on your social media. Use all the media at your disposal to spread the work about the cause you’re supporting, and don’t forget to mention the work you’re doing for that cause.

Partner with a Local Media OutletCharitable efforts

Each year LNP Media Group has a great opportunity to be a part of Extraordinary Give. The Lancaster County Community Foundation sponsors Lancaster County’s largest day of giving. LNP produces a special publication for the event, and encourages nonprofits to tell their story. LNP also produces the Pink newspaper on October 2nd in support of breast cancer awareness. A percentage of proceeds from advertising that day is then donated to the PA Breast Cancer Coalition.

Involve the Customers

Include your customers in the process. Surveys have shown that many consumers would select one product over another if a percentage of proceeds were going towards a charitable cause. In 2012, REV Your Cause deployed a survey to over 100,000 consumers across the US. Statistics showed that more than 80 percent of respondents indicated they were more likely to use a service provider that supported a charitable cause over one that didn’t.

Can LNP help your charitable giving marketing? We do offer sponsorships to select charitable giving events. Give us a call and we can customize a plan that makes sense for both your business and your charity.

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