What is it?

Geofencing sends a message to consumers’ mobile devices after they enter a predefined geographic area, whether it’s around your business, near a related venue, or even at a competitor’s location. When a prospect enters the chosen perimeter, their location-enabled mobile device is tagged, which enables businesses to deliver promotions, ads, coupons, and more to mobile phones. By creating a geographic “fence” around where your customers will be, you ensure you can reach those customers wherever they travel.

How does it work?

LNP Media Group helps you create mobile ads and messages, and then we work with you to identify which geographies should be targeted for best results:

  • – You’ll want to target a number of locations to ensure you reach a critical mass of customers.
  • – Messages are triggered once prospects enter the fenced areas. The messages appear on a host of popular websites or mobile apps on the user’s mobile phones.

What are the benefits?

You’ll be able to reach on-the-go consumers who are physically near your business, your competitors’ businesses, or any fenced location, even if they don’t live or work near you. Over 81% of Americans now own smartphones, which means you can reach the vast majority of Americans wherever they are:

  • – Geofencing allows you to attract new consumers by showing them relevant ads and special offers in the right place at the right time.
  • – Geofencing also allows you to weed out less interested consumers and engage the most relevant local shoppers.

Not sure how Geofencing will help your business? Here are a few ideas to try.

  • – Geofence customers your own business so that when customers are near your business you can remind them of rewards or send them a special offer.
  • – Geofence around your biggest competitor and nearby locations to steal customers and increase your market share.
  • – Geofence around event venues. Send sponsor deals and promotions to customers that will be attending events.
  • – Geofence real estate. After a potential buyer enters the targeted area, they get a notification of the available listings in the neighborhood.
  • – Geofence hotels, airports and train stations to trigger last minute travel deals to users in the designated area.

Contact us and let’s develop a plan that reaches your prospects with the right message, at the right time, in the right place.

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