LNP Media Group hosted four marketing seminars to help local businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic. The seminars were attended by over 60 local businesses, and were led by Dr. Renee Tacka.

This page contains links to a recording of each seminar, plus the slide deck.

Week 1: Sending a Positive Message & Staying Top-of-Mind

Mon, April 27, 2020

Are you a business owner or marketer who’s looking for guidance on how and what to communicate to customers during the COVID-19 pandemic? During this webinar, you’ll learn:

– How to communicate empathetically with your customer base

– How to appropriately promote your business during COVID-19

– What you can do to stay top-of-mind, whether you’re open or closed

Week 2: Creative Ways to Run Your Business Without a Storefront

Mon, May 4, 2020

Is your business storefront currently closed due to COVID-19? If so, we’re here to help! In the second webinar of our four-week series, our speaker, Renee Tacka, shared creative ideas to help you run your business and generate revenue while your storefront is closed!

Week 3: How to Expand Your Business’ Reach

Mon, May 11, 2020

Are you looking for ways to drive more sales for your business? If so, expanding your reach is key. During this webinar, Renee Tacka shared tips on how to adjust your marketing strategy to reach more consumers and grow relationships using traditional and not-so-traditional methods.

Week 4: Reinforcing Your Connection to the Community

Mon, May 18, 2020

Has COVID-19 impacted your business’s ability to engage with customers? If so, maintaining your connection to the community is more important now than ever before. In this final webinar of our 4-week series, Renee Tacka will talk about how your business can convey its support to the community and reassure customers that your business will be there for them when you reopen.

About Renee Tacka

Renee Tacka is a doctoral-level business professional with 23+ years of experience achieving results in the media, research, consumer goods, and retail industries. She is accomplished in business and operational planning, market development, team management, budgeting, and all functional areas of marketing, including sales, advertising, consumer behavior, database marketing, and market research.

Renee is an Assistant Professor of Marketing in the Graham School of Business at York College of Pennsylvania in York, PA. She teaches marketing, digital marketing, advanced advertising, personal selling, sales management, fashion marketing, retailing, and branding. Renee started as an adjunct professor at York College of Pennsylvania in 2008. She is also a well-known educator throughout the media industry, having trained many media clients in sales, advertising, and market research techniques to accomplish both internal and external company goals and objectives.