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Video Marketing Strategies for Businesses

Video is becoming THE preferred way to consume information, especially on mobile devices and this is important news for small business marketers. As consumers spend more and more time watching video online, they begin to expect the sight, sound, and motion it offers. As the one responsible for marketing your small business, here are four ways to take advantage of this trend.

Use video on Facebook and twitter to increase engagement

500 million people a day watch a total of 8 billion videos on Facebook. Using filmed message and stories in ads and posts are a great way to engage viewers and attract them to your posts. Twitter also reports that posts with these kinds of spots have significantly higher engagement rates. In fact, recent research shows that 82 percent of Twitter users like to access video via Twitter.

Use video to improve your search engine visibility

video PennsylvaniaRich media, which includes videos, is favored by search engine algorithms. While Google has been constantly adjusting its algorithm to give its users a meaningful experience while searching, filmed spots continually rank high for user engagement. As a result, this kind of content is often extremely prominent in search results.

Use video to encourage sharing

Have some get tutorials you want to share? Know how to help consumers solve problems? Want to showcase emotional stories? Filmed spots might be your medium. Online users are more likely to share and re-share video thanĀ other forms of content. If you have a visual way to showcase your products, services or expertise, consider getting it on film.

Teach consumers how to use your product

More and more people today educate themselves through product reviews and blog updates before making a purchase decision. In fact, research shows that 96 percent of consumers use videos to research online purchases before they buy. Giving consumers helpful advice on how to find the right size, order the right wine or open the right type of bank account will lead them to your filmed spot and your business.Video editing Business marketing LNP Advertising

Want to know more?

Almost all types of business can benefit from a smart online video campaign. LNP Media Group can help you strategize, develop and launch your ideas into spots that sell. Contact us to find out more about your marketing options.