The newspaper industry is one that is constantly transforming; but the significance of it isn’t going anywhere. Whether you’re physically holding a newspaper and reading from the printed page, reading from a computer screen or from a mobile phone in the palm of your hand, the news industry is still evolving and dominating. When you partner with digital and news media, you have access to highly engaged consumers of all ages, on all platforms and at any scale. This most certainly remains true for the Keystone state.

The latest studies have confirmed that newspapers are by far the primary source of advertising and shopping information in Pennsylvania, as well as the source that best explains important local news and information.

A recent survey by an independent research firm, American Opinion Research (AOR), found that 83 percent of Pennsylvania adults, ranging in ages 18 to 34, read a newspaper in print or digitally each week. That makes newspapers 77 percent higher than the second leading source of information, which is direct mail. What does this mean for advertisers? Six-in-10 consumers reportedly make a purchase during an average month after seeing an ad in a printed newspaper or newspaper website.

The full report will be presented at the PNA’s Annual Publishers’ Convention on Thursday, November 3, 2016, in Bedford, PA.lnpalwayslancaster_blogimage

Current newspaper industry trends validate that newspapers have a large and loyal base of readers. If you’d like more information on advertising with LNP Media Group, contact us today.

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