Here Come the Holidays!

Lancaster County is always buzzing with excitement around the holidays. Whether it be because of the all-out décor from local residents and businesses or great shopping, the spirit of the season is always felt.

It’s probably hard to think ahead to the holidays when the sun is still shining and it’s 80+ degrees, but now is the time to do so. Summer is winding down which means the holidays are near. When you hear “holidays” you usually relate that to shopping, sales and promotions.

As any type of retail related business has discovered, holidays are the perfect opportunities to run sales, promotions and to advertise what it is they’re selling. Another thing businesses should have discovered by now is that today’s consumers expect to receive more special offers and deals during holiday seasons. This is truly the time for marketers to showcase what they have to offer and get those consumers in their doors.

It’s important that you’re in tune with the interests and needs of your consumers. You need to know who they are, where they are and how they purchase. How can marketers take advantage of the holiday seasons to increase their revenues? Here are some tips.

Local Internet Marketing

Think about when your customers are most likely to shop. Timing is key; if your ads are reaching local consumers when they’re most likely to shop, your business is going to be top of mind.

Consider creating a special landing page for your digital ads. A good landing page will tell consumers what to do, make it an easy process, and encourage consumers to submit some contact information. You’ll be able to test offers and get valuable contact information for your database.

Reach Shoppers in the Moment

A newer digital technology, called geo-fencing, is an affordable way to ensure delivery of your marketing messages to the right people, at the right time, and in the right place. Geo-fencing boosts your ads to customer’s mobile devices when they’re physically near your store. This will give them that extra oomph to walk through your door if they’re already close by. Small Business Saturday PromotionAccording to a study done by Placecast, 53% of participating shoppers have visited a specific retailer after receiving a location-based alert and 50% who stopped by a store, prompted by an alert, said the visit was unplanned.

Take Advantage of Newspaper

Nothing drives foot traffic like a strong print campaign. Encouraging in-store visits through print, with special offers, can be quite effective for getting more traffic through your doors.

Two of LNP’S most popular advertising packages are “Holiday Showcase” and “Holiday Gifts and Lifestyle.” These special sections allow marketers in Lancaster County to promote their business and services, while giving the consumers the coupons and deals they’re looking for. Small Business Saturday is also a great option for promoting your small business and local shopping during the holidays. Some of Lancaster’s most popular holiday destinations rely on our special holiday sections to drive business in the fourth quarter.

Are you ready to take your seasonal marketing efforts to the next level? Want to find out which options will help you drive the most people to your business this holiday season? Contact us to learn more about all the special advertising opportunities that are available to help your business during the holidays in Lancaster County.

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