For many of your customers, the mobile phone is a way to carry their world with them every minute. As a result, time spent consuming mobile media is now greater than time spent on desktop media.  Your consumers are using their smartphones to search for answers, products, services, options or ideas at anytime, anywhere.

But that doesn’t mean that people are always interested in seeing your ads. Smart marketers know how to deliver the right ads at the right time. If your ads aren’t timely and relevant, your message will get ignored.

Businesses in Lancaster County and throughout Central Pennsylvania should make sure customers can find your products and services at the moment when they need you most. While all channels play an important part in your overall marketing mix, mobile media is one of the most powerful ways to drive decisions made in the moment, like which store to visit. When people search on mobile, they are;

So how can businesses like yours reach consumers at the right moment? Here are a few best practices put together by the digital marketing experts at LNP Media Group:

(1) Pinpoint Your moments

Think about how your customers use digital tools and devices, and when they use them. Are they walking around town looking for a restaurant, or are they researching how to spend a big weekend well in advance? Map out the different paths and decision processes your customers might encounter, then plan how you can use digital marketing to meet their needs in those specific moments.

(2) Make sure your site works on mobile

With the continued growth of mobile search and the increased importance of mobile as a research tool, your website should be built to work on all types of mobile devices. We recommend sites with simple information architecture to ensure that your small business website is easy to use on the go and in the moment.

(3) Understand the role mobile search engines playLancaster media mobile business

Pay-per-click advertising can play a critical role in increasing your mobile visibility, but there are a couple things to consider when planning a pay-per-click campaign focused on mobile users. First, you’ll need to think about how your consumer is searching for your product or service and how the search might change depending on the types of moment they are experiencing. Also, remember that people doing searches on mobile devices spend less time on each page and they are even less likely to view page-two search results.

(4) Consider geo-targeted advertising

Most mobile devices are location-enabled, so marketers can target prospects with advertising based on where mobile device users are at a given moment. Recently, the LNP digital team helped a sports complex develop a plan to reach moms of school-aged kids by sending ads to area elementary schools at the end of the school day—the time many moms are waiting in line to pick up children (and checking their smartphone while they wait.) Our digital team also developed geo-fencing for a trucking company looking for new drivers. We sent geo-targeted ads to the doctor’s office where drivers took mandated drug tests. For a roofing company, we sent messages to mobile devices in neighborhoods that had just experienced hail damage.

So what’s the bottom line? Digital marketing allows you to match your message and medium to the moment. With a good plan and experienced digital partners, small businesses like yours will find that you can reach customers at the most important moment: when they are ready to buy. Contact us to learn about our wide variety of mobile marketing products and start marketing your moments today.


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