Try new strategies to reach this lucrative audience.

Lancaster County offers brides a wide range of on-trend wedding options. From customized engagement rings to reality-TV worthy cakes, engaged couples can get overwhelmed with choices. So how can your business stand out from the crowd?

1. I DO Bridal Magazine

I Do is produced in Lancaster County and highlights Lancaster County weddings and resources:

  • It offers the kind of information that is especially appealing to brides.
  • I Do is a bridal staple that offers local resources for venues, dresses, photographers, caterers and more.
  • I Do distributes almost 10,000 copies throughout Lancaster County twice a year, to a highly targeted audience of local bridal shops, the twice annual Something Used Wedding Flea Markets, and local wedding shows.
  • I Do is also mailed to every bride and groom who place an engagement announcement in LNP.

2. Direct Response Email

Today’s emails offer you highly targeted audiences:

  • Using our direct response email program, LNP Media Group can help you develop highly visual emails with offers built right in
  • We can also send emails to super targeted bridal lists in your market area, to help you get an exceptional return on investment

3. Social Media Advertising

No one loves social media more than Millennials. LNP Media Group can help you reach area brides through Facebook advertising, YouTube ads, and Instagram promotions. Contact a rep today to find out how affordable and effective social media advertising can be.

4. Paid search Advertising

Every time a bride looks for a new wedding resource, she is most likely to start on a search engine:

  • 75% of people online are unlikely to move past the first page of a search engine.
  • Paid search advertising (also called pay-per-click or PPC) are ads placed on the search engine results pages while people are searching for relevant terms like “bridal shops near me”.
  • When you run a paid search campaign you’ll capture the interest of your intended audience while they are in the mood to buy.

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