Older Senior Man Reading Newspaper in Lancaster PA

How to Get in Front of the Lucrative 50+ Demographic

With so many businesses focusing their attention on marketing to Millennials, it’s easy to forget about an even bigger market – baby boomers and senior citizens. Lancaster County has one of the most vibrant 50+ populations in Pennsylvania. And as Lancaster’s 50+ demographic continues to grow, more and more businesses want targeted ways to communicate with this lucrative market.

Senior Older African American couple walking in Lancaster PAWe created the LNP Senior Living Report to offer a hyper-targeted ad format for your business and services. LNP reaches thousands of 50+ readers, and they love to read the local content and stories in LNP Senior Living Report.  

Don’t believe the power of the 50+ demographic? The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that by 2050, there will be 83.7 million people aged 65 and older. On average, seniors are the most affluent demographic of American society, with seniors having five times the net worth of the average American. Your business could be fighting for this segment’s attention. Whether you’re marketing homes and apartments, restaurants, events, financial services, health and wellness, beauty or specialized care, LNP Media Group has the right media to reach your audience.

We created this special report with senior consumers in mind. Want best practices for marketing to seniors? Here are a few things to remember:

  1. Emphasize good service. Senior consumers look for value but are often willing to pay more if they know they will get good service. Many still remember when service was part of the shopping experience. They appreciate companies that make a point of looking after their customers. Create special promotions and offers, such as buy one get one free deal, special gifts on their birthday, senior citizen sale days, free deliveries, etc. The point is to create campaigns that make them feel special and valued.
  2. Pay attention to what the consumer wants. Connect with your senior consumers. One way to connect to the senior demographic is by recognizing their activities and lifestyle. LNP created Senior Living Report especially to help advertisers do this. Your business’s advertisement doesn’t seem like an advertisement but becomes a part of the LNP experience. This consumer group wants to feel supported by you. By being a part of the LNP Senior Living Report, you’re showing them that you personally care about them and support their lifestyle.
  3. Give seniors a reason to trust you. The 50+ consumers in Lancaster County might be hesitant to try new brands and new services. Can you offer a money back guarantee? Do you have testimonials from other pleased customers? As an article from Entrepreneur summarizes, when connecting with new customers, it’s important to establish trust from the beginning. When your business advertises in LNP, you start building trust right away. We recommend including testimonials from other customers when possible. Use every opportunity to establish trust.

Don’t overlook Lancaster County’s 50+ community!

Senior older woman reading newspaper in Lancaster PAThe LNP Senior Living Report allows you reach more seniors, more effectively and more efficiently than ever. This report is published as a full-size section in LNP on Wednesday, September 13, and Wednesday, November 29.  When you advertise in LNP’s Senior Living Report, you have a list of extras to choose from, including:

  • Lower rates when you advertise in both reports
  • Option to add LancasterOnline ads at a discounted rate
  • Options for discounted listings and premium listings in LancasterOnline’s Directory of Senior Living Facilities.

Hurry! The deadline to reserve your space is Friday, September 1. Contact us today to get all the details.