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Results for 12 months


Increase in overall site traffic 


Increase in overall contact form submissions


Increase in qualified phone leads

Meet Beattie Development

Beattie Development is an award-winning custom home builder and remodeler in southwestern Florida.

The Goals

Beattie Development hired LNP Media Group in the summer of 2020. The all-digital strategy focused on generating more leads for new home builds and existing home renovations through a robust combination of SEO, digital display, geo-fencing, social media, and email marketing.

— Digital Marketing Strategies —

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The SEO strategy for Beattie Development encompassed three areas: back-end technical SEO, on-page content creation, and off-page link-building. The successful results of this SEO effort are clear:


  • – Consistently listed high on the first page of results for relevant searches
  • – Consistently in Google map pack at the top of the page for relevant searches

Results for 12 months


Increase in organic
site traffic


Increase in organic contact
form submissions

Paid Search (PPC)

The paid search strategy for Beattie Development involved detailed keyword research to target the most cost-efficient search terms used by people searching for home building and remodeling services. The paid search campaign drove instant leads for Beattie Development:

Results for 12 months


PPC call leads


Contact form submissions


Total qualified leads generated


To generate leads for kitchen and bathroom remodeling, precision targeting incorporated the following attributes:

  • – Zip codes in Beattie Development’s service area
  • – Interests such as bed & bath, home appliances, home improvement, plumbing, homemaking & interior décor, kitchen & dining, individual sports, and golf
  • – Demographic overlays


  • People who saw Beattie’s display ads were 9 times more likely to visit Beattie’s website than an unexposed audience. Creatives featured beautiful kitchen and bathroom spaces designed by Beattie and promoted the fact that Beattie Development is an award-winning remodeler.

Results for 12 months




Clicks to website


Click-through-rate (CTR)

This campaign’s CTR was 88% higher than the national average of 0.08% (Source: Marketron)


To gain leads for kitchen and bathroom remodeling, this campaign focused on reaching customers in specific locations. Geographic areas that were fenced included:

  • – Home showrooms
  • – Specific neighborhoods

Creatives featured beautiful kitchen and bathroom spaces designed by Beattie and promoted the fact that Beattie is an award-winning remodeler.

Results for 12 months




Clicks to website


Click-through-rate (CTR)

This campaign’s CTR was 62% above the national average of 0.13% for geo-targeting (Source: Marketron)

Social Media

The primary goal of Beattie’s Facebook/Instagram campaigns was to promote kitchen, bath, and outdoor remodeling to consumers who value quality craftsmanship. Getting these ads in front of the right people involved precise targeting, beautiful imagery and ad copy that conveyed Beattie Development’s professionalism.

    Results for 12 months


    Targeted impressions delivered


    Clicks to website


    Click-through-rate (CTR)

    This campaign’s CTR was 171% higher than the national average of 0.9% for Facebook campaigns (Source: Wordstream).

    Email Marketing

    LNP Media Group designed three beautiful emails that were sent to highly-targeted licensed lists. Targeting included geography, demographics, and interest in remodeling. Messaging focused on quality craftsmanship and the convenience of one-stop-shopping for remodeling + service.

      Results for 12 months


      Emails opened


      Clicks to website


      Click-through-rate (CTR)

      This campaign’s CTR was 175% above the national average of 1.0% for licensed lists (Source: Data-Dynamix).

      Email Retargeting

      Retargeting the engaged email audience for display ads resulted in further campaign lift:




      Clicks to website


      Click-through-rate (CTR)

      This campaign’s CTR was 25% above the national average of 0.08% (Source: Marketron).

      — Business Impact —

      For this highly successful multi-channel marketing strategy, LNP Media Group provided a dedicated support person who worked collaboratively with Beattie Development in the planning, design, and execution of each component.

      LNP Media Group is a certified Google Partner which means we are experts at getting great results in paid search, display, and SEO. LNP Media Group reported on results each month for full transparency into return on investment and improvement in key performance indicators (KPIs).

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