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Employees are human resources that work for your organization. Employees can be identified as staff, team members, founders, or contractors.

Customer advocate. Beach lover. Servant to my English bulldog and black lab.

Lori Secord

A digital dynamo. A virtual virtuoso. A marginally passable comedian.

John Conforti

Project juggler. Content machine. Always researching next travel adventure. 

Katina Panagiaris

Driven to deliver excellence. Daytona Beach native. Never loses a nerf fight.

Bobbie Jo Olmo

Your classified confidant. Singer-songwriter. Your cup of everyday comic relief.

Cason Carter

Marketing collaborator. Sports fanatic. Digital guide.

Joe Campagna

ROI maven. Backpacked Machu Picchu. Collector of vintage jewelry.

Sydney Farrell

Marketing interpreter. Fantasy sports expert. Coffee enthusiast.

Chris Ward

Forward thinker. Harry Potter fan. Campaign communicator.

Doug Kyle

Communications connoisseur. Pittsburgh sports fanatic.  Outdoor explorer & restaurant traveler.

Mitchell Light

Awareness and call-to-action creator. Inquisitive by nature. Outdoor enthusiast.

Casey May

Social media and customer service expert. Master of innovation. Musician mentor.

Joseph Parker

Digital Diva. Travel Enthusiast. Bucket List Master. OBX lover.

Paige Preston

Avid reader, writer, and storyteller. I love meeting new people, hearing their stories, and sharing them with others.

Irene Snyder

Explorer and adventure seeking. Can be found outside, behind the lens. Strong supporter of natural light and the oxford comma.

Quinn Staley

Visual storyteller with a penchant for quality. Video connoisseur. Slightly less green Phillie Phanatic.

Tyler Huber

23 yrs. Producing all things Video. Always creating new ways to tell your story. Basketball coach, family man.

Dustin Parlet

True student of the industry. Philosophy nerd. Loves all things Lancaster. 

Brian Heckert

Man of the people. Road warrior. Recently married. Philly sports enthusiast.

Dean Kimenhour

Keen listener. Perceptive problem solver. World explorer. Salsa devotee.  

Janice Lopez

Crazy gift of gab. Fact finder. Engaged entreprenuer. Princess dragonslayer.

Tracy Bronson 

LNP Media Group Marketing Advertising
Precise planner. Objective organizer. Tenacious tennis player. Avid reader. 

Christine Aucott 

Organizational guru. Seasoned sales veteran. People person. Steelers fan!

Tessa Gilchrest 

Layout queen. Fanatical deadline diva. Mapping maven. Lover of the Caribbean.

Stacey Anderson

SEO and SEM artisan. Expert keyword curator. Hockey nut and Flyers fanatic.

Scott Paparella 

Obsessed with detail. Master of multi-tasking. Loves the beach. Fashionista.

Michelle Fisher 

The deadline diva. Offers a helping hand. A scheduling guru. Queen of yoga.

Melissa Moser