Content marketing is steadily becoming one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. With lower costs and higher rates of effectiveness, content marketing has become a staple of many advertising campaigns. Content marketing comes in many forms including video, blog-style posts, social media posts, how-to’s, tips, and more:

  • The purpose is to provide consumers with valuable information and engaging content with the objective of driving consumers towards a purchase and increasing brand awareness while building trust.
  • Consumers have become increasingly responsive to alternative forms of advertising.

Content marketing indicates to consumers that your business is a credible and trusted source, while providing transparent information that consumers find useful.

More than just information

Google’s most recent algorithm update maintained the already established standard that content marketing is heavily favored in search engine optimization (SEO):

  • With SEO becoming increasingly important, being able to provide quality, useful content has become one of the most important factors in search results pages rankings.
  • Compelling and useful content marketing can create consumer enthusiasm for your brand or a product or service.

Content marketing is a great way to attract new customers to your site and build trusting relationships with them. Increasing your website’s search results pages rankings is an added bonus.

The power of blog posts

One of the easiest, most effective types of content marketing are blog posts. Nearly any business can utilize these, relating them to their respective industry:

  • Blog posts inform consumers of useful information, tackle a problem, or discuss an issue while providing a solution through your business.
  • According to the Content Marketing Institute, small businesses with blog-style content marketing receive 126% more lead growth than those without.
  • Content marketing also has low up-front costs and deep long-term benefits allowing businesses to get the most out of their advertising dollars.
  • LNP Media Group offers collaborative content articles personalized to any business and industry, creating brand advertising that is seamlessly integrated into informative articles, sponsored by your business.
  • LNP Media Group also has skilled marketing copywriters on staff who can create custom blogs for your website.

Blog posts convey credibility and build trust through providing interesting and beneficial information to consumers. The affordability of blog posts allows businesses to stretch their advertising budgets while maximizing their marketing benefits.

Don’t forget about video

Video provides a different medium for content marketing and is an excellent channel for diversifying a marketing strategy. Video marketing goes hand in hand with content marketing:

Stay ahead of the curve

Consumers are growing tired of repeatedly seeing the same ads. Diversify your marketing strategy with the addition of content marketing to build trusting relationships with customers and boost your overall marketing ROI. Contact LNP Media Group today to learn more about how our content marketing team can help your business grow!

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