Real estate marketing in Lancaster County

Digital Tips for Real Estate Marketers


Real estate professionals are busy people. Between prospecting, open houses, working through negotiations and constantly moving housing inventory, it can be difficult to find time to get it all done.

Changes in the marketing landscape are driven by the need of realtors to make your job easier, more efficient and more profitable. Keeping up with those changes, however, can turn into a job all its own.  While every real estate professional has different needs and considerations, here are a few tips to help your business stay ahead of the digital marketing curve:


Millennials emerged as a dominant force in 2015, representing almost 2 million sales, or about one third of all sales. Buyers between ages 25 and 34 will continue to move the market with a heavy emphasis on first-time buyers. It’s no surprise that younger consumers expect digital marketing, digital communications and mobile-friendly communications.  Think about investing in a targeted paid search campaign, as well as geo-fenced mobile ads to drive open houses.

As first time home-buyers, Millennials will also invest in a much longer consideration window. They want time to shop, compare and see what they can get for their money. So don’t skimp on listings, like the Parade of home and weekly property listing online and in print.


It’s easy to rewrite the same webpage of copy several different ways, tweaking a few Lancaster  County real estatewords here and there for different towns, cities or developments for SEO purposes. Google has caught on, however, and they’ve now made an algorithm change to crack down on these “doorway” pages and penalize sites that they feel fail to add sufficient value. This means that every page needs to have a specific purpose for existing and should provide unique information and focus.  SEO is a tough nut to crack, so make sure you have an SEO expert working on your site and your listings.



If you thought that email is an outdated way to reach your best prospects, think again. In fact, about 90% of Millennials report that they use email throughout the day, so make sure it’s part of your digital marketing plan.

You’ll get the best results when your emails are customized to meet the expectations of today’s emails users. They skim through content quickly and are more likely to report SPAM than ever, so make sure your email program is relevant and effective. Consider hiring an email expert (Like LNP Media Group) to help you develop and execute a customized email program. You’ll get more qualified leads when you know how to send the right messages, to the right people, at the right time.

Implementing these changes into your digital marketing plan may take a little more time upfront, but the payoff will be worth it in the end. Get advice from experts and learn about all the different real estate marketing tools by contacting us to set up a free consultation today.


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