How to Leverage the Power of your Database

Building databases is a lot of work. Businesses spend years gathering emails from newsletters, customer cards, trade shows, email campaigns, sales calls and more.

  • Businesses work hard to build a meaningful list of customers and another list full of prospects. With so much time and expertise invested in databases, smart businesses want to leverage this valuable data.
  • The challenge is timing. While it’s tempting to bombard clients and prospects with emails, overexposure may result in opt-outs, spam complaints, or even lost business.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use these databases to reach customers and prospects in ways that fit seamlessly into the ways they already look for information?

Conversely, no matter how much time a business spends building a database, they’re always missing a large percentage of prospects.

  • The great news is that today’s technology allows you to exponentially grow your databases in a few simple steps. That means businesses can reach hundreds of other people, exactly like their best customers or prospects, without spending weeks to find them, and at a small fraction of the cost of purchased lists.

Thanks to the powerful tools built by tech giants Google and Facebook, businesses of every size now have access to sophisticated tools that help businesses reach hard-to-find customers and prospects simply by leveraging the power of existing email databases.

Google and Facebook Tools Leverage your Marketing Database

Here’s how it works:

  • Google or Facebook have deep data analytics that will match your business’s email database to their billions of users. Once your emails lists are uploaded into Google or Facebook, individual addresses are hashed and anonymized to protect privacy.
  • Good and Facebook are usually able to match about 30-60% of emails, so your list is going to be smaller once it’s uploaded. But that’s okay, because LNP Media Group can compensate for those losses by creating “lookalike” prospect lists that look, act, and behave just like your customer or prospect list.

It’s Easy to Create an Online Customer Database

Google’s email database tool is called Customer Match. It allows advertisers to send ads to their own database exclusively, providing super-targeted reach and minimizing waste. Your database is proprietary, so one else can access your database. Facebook calls this feature “Custom Audiences.”

Similar Audiences and Lookalike Audiences Make Audience Expansion Easy

The Google Display Network helps expand upon your list by allowing advertisers to send ads to “Similar Audiences” — audiences that share similar interests, activities and characteristics with your database:

  • You’re able to increase your targeted reach from hundreds to millions. Both Google and Facebook allow you to refine your campaign’s reach with geographic qualifiers, ensuring businesses can limit campaigns to their geographic market area, whether that’s Lancaster City, Central PA, or larger.
  • Facebook calls these “Lookalike Audiences”.

Build Databases of Website or Webpage Visitors

You can also create custom audiences of website visitors:

  • Both Google and Facebook allow advertisers to add a tracking code to websites or webpages. The code tracks activity and builds databases of visitors. You will not be able to identify visitors individually, but you will be able to send Google or Facebook advertising to them.

Combine Website Audiences with Audience Expansion to Get Even More Targeted Reach

Maybe your website is new. Or you haven’t had high visitor numbers in the past. No worries. Google and Facebook both allow you to create “Similar Audiences” or “Lookalike Audiences” based on site traffic. That means you can expand a visitor database of a few hundred into a few hundred thousand.

Databases are Really Expensive Right? Wrong.

When you work with LNP Media Group, we’ll create online databases like the ones described here as a part of your digital marketing plan. In fact, creating databases on Google and Facebook is so inexpensive, it’s easily one of the most affordable ways, in any media or format, to expand targeted reach.

Digital marketing is a simple concept, but not always so simple to execute successfully. To find out which options work best for your audience needs and your budget, contact us today and we’ll create a plan that works for your business.

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