In today’s automotive retail world consumers have more information and options than ever. Whether it is new or used, car or cross over, even how far they are willing to drive to save a few dollars are the options they have. It can certainly be overwhelming to both dealers and consumers. Making your advertising stand out, not just from your competitors but the manufacturers and the ever growing volume of third party sights, seems like it is becoming increasingly more difficult to do. 

So what can you do to be the shining star and drive more traffic to your website and into your local showroom?

Use Social Media

One of the simplest and most consumer engaging advertising tactic is Social Media. On average 22% of internet time is spent on Facebook by Americans, that’s double the amount spent on Google and YouTube combined. Facebook is still the leading social media platform, by wide margins, and continues to grow every year. Over 40 million Facebook users are in the 18-24 age range and an additional 128 million are over the age 25. That means more than 55% are between the ages of 25 and 55.

Paid placement advertising on social media is a great option to get your message in front of your customers in Central PA. You’ll want to be sure your ad directs them to a landing page that is especially relevant to your message or offer; therefore, making it as simple as possible for them to transact with you.standing-out


You know people are visiting your website, whether it is direct traffic, referral traffic from 3rd party sources like AutoTrader or or even from existing advertising. But then they leave and you become out of sight, out of mind. Retargeting is a form of marketing in which you target users who have previously visited your website. “Remarketing” or “Retargeting” ads allow previous site visitors to be subtly reminded of that shiny red convertible or perfect used truck they looked at. You even have the ability to present a unique special offer for previous visitors only without them knowing you’re targeting them specifically. This has been a mainstay in the arsenal of online retailers for several years, allowing them to even be as specific as serving an ad to you for the exact piece of merchandise you looked at.

Animated Display Ads

Create display ads that incorporate multiple vehicles or even add running footage of that all-new SUV and you’ll most definitely attract the attention of those that have become blind to all the standard ads; motion is eye-catching. Even using still images with vehicle specific info, like “Class Leading Fuel Mileage” or “Most Awarded Sedan” combined with special offers in one single animated ad creates awareness and most of all, a reason to engage with you. Your branding message becomes integrated with your lead generation. While your competitor is advertising one car with just a lease payment and one stock photo, you have the car in motion and also touch on multiple hot points for different consumers.

Reach More for Less with Targeted Emails

Car Salesman Invites Customers at Showroom.

Today’s targeted email takes email to a whole new level. Furthermore, offering the ability to target not just by zip codes or specific vehicle makes, but also with trigger points in life such as in-market consumers, specific income levels, etc. Targeted email campaigns are much easier to track engagement and allow you to combine programs like retargeting ads. With targeted email campaigns, you can even do a secondary send to those that opened or clicked through to your website to give that extra push it sometimes takes to get the customer through your doors. Email is opened when your customer wants to open it – therefore, putting your message in front of them on their time frame.

LNP Media Group can reach your target audience in Lancaster County with our many digital advertising efforts. Contact us if you’d like more information on auto marketing.

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