Healing Paws Animal Hospital

Business Description: Healing Paws Animal Hospital is a state-of-the-art veterinary facility in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Healing Paws’ highly skilled professionals strive to ensure that your pets are well cared for, treated effectively, and comforted. Healing Paws offers competitive pricing relative to other veterinarians’ offices.

Goals: Healing Paws wanted to invite local pet owners to their grand opening, but didn’t know how to find pet owners online. LNP Media Group created a highly targeted Facebook campaign that reached neighborhood pet owners and invited them to Healing Paws’ grand opening. LNP Media group’s ad artists designed eye-catching ads that caught the attention of local pet lovers.

Results: Because of captivating imagery and precise Facebook targeting, over 2,700 people clicked on the ads and 38 people attended Healing Paws’ grand opening event. LNP Media Group successfully generated immediate customers for this new company, helping to launch their business during the crucial start-up stage.


  • 43,405 impressions
  • 23% click through rate
  • 323 post reactions