Recruiting New Employees: Why Advertising Alone Isn’t Enough

Recruiting New Employees: Why Advertising Alone Isn’t Enough

By Debbie Stremmel

HR and employment professionals today have a big challenge: finding and recruiting new employees. Unemployment rates are low across the country, and they’re especially low in Lancaster County. Most people who want jobs have them, so recruiting means taking someone from their current job. This is a big challenge. This highly competitive recruitment environment is much different from a few years ago when all it took was placing an ad and the resumes just rolled in.

What to Do?

You’ve tried ads. You’ve tried job boards. The costly open positions still remain unfilled:

  • The answer is developing a recruitment strategy that identifies where your best prospects are, providing an enticing offer, and implementing an advertising plan that reaches them.

This is uncharted territory for many HR professionals. It’s a new approach but with our help, it can work for you.

Create a Profile of the Ideal Employee

Start by creating a detailed description of the ideal person you’d like to hire:

  • You need to go beyond creating a job specification. Describe who they are, what they like to do, where they live, and more.
  • When we help our clients create these descriptions, we include details about the preferences of certain types of employees.
  • Did you know that accountants like to play fantasy baseball? How about warehouse workers? They like to work on their cars. We encourage you to include that type of information because it will help target the right prospects with media.

Do a Market Analysis

A market analysis will tell you where prospects for your job live and work right now. And it will guide your efforts to find them. Let’s assume you’re recruiting accountants. Here’s what the market analysis for accountants should include:

  • A recruiting area; create a circumference on a map showing the maximum distance this person might be willing to drive to work. Unless you are paying for relocation, this circumference should become your recruiting area.
  • A prospect pool: using demographic data, determine the number of employed accountants in your recruiting area. Now you know the size of the prospect pool for your job.
  • A competitive salary analysis: unless you cross-reference the employed accountants with salaries you could be wasting time recruiting in markets that will outprice you. Instead, look for nearby communities’ salaries that are lower, on average, than one you are offering. This will ensure your salary is attractive to prospective employees.

A good market analysis will reveal the kind of details you need to determine exactly where to recruit. It will become the foundation of your recruitment strategy.

Use Geo-Targeted Advertising

Now that you know where to target, you’re ready to start advertising:

  • Use geo-targeted digital ads to deliver your message to the right prospects. Remember the fantasy baseball that your accountants are playing? You may want to target some of those websites, and don’t forget social media. Building awareness for your job posting via Facebook and Twitter can yield surprisingly good results.

In addition to targeting advertising by geography, your advertising plan should include job postings that reach prospects by profession. Do this by placing your job postings at job boards. You can even target through diversity-oriented job boards.

Use detailed ads to get the best response rates: good prospects are already employed and it will take a strong and detailed message to win their interest.

Clearly today’s employment environment requires much more than the same old recruitment approach. It requires data, ingenuity, and effective advertising across a variety of media. Do you need a recruitment partner who can plan and coordinate this effort for you.  Ready to get started? We’re here to help with a free assessment of your talent acquisition challenge.

Debbie Stremmel, Multi-Media Recruitment Marketing Specialist at LNP Media Group, brings decades of experience in recruitment marketing. She has helped hundreds of organizations succeed in the most difficult talent acquisition projects. Looking for a petroleum engineer who can speak both English and Russian fluently? Debbie found one. She combines the use of labor statistics and data with tried and true marketing strategies to find, reach, and recruit new employees. She never lets the most difficult recruitment challenges dim her sunny personality. She is a frequent speaker on recruitment topics and she has been a member of SHRM for more than 30 years.

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