Lancaster County video Business
Video is becoming THE preferred way to consume information, especially on mobile devices and this is important news for small business marketers. As consumers spend […]

Video Marketing Strategies for Businesses

School children running
An integral component of a well-rounded back-to-school marketing plan involves reaching your target audience at the right time, repeatedly, through various ad channels. For savvy […]

3 Tips To Boost Back-To-School Sales

No matter how big (or small) your ad budget is, you probably struggle with making the most of your marketing dollars. While outspending your competition […]

10 Ways to Stretch Your Ad Budget

by John Walker   Digital marketing has become a critical part of most marketing plans today. Platforms like Facebook offer unmatched audience targeting, paid search […]

Digital Marketing from the “Newspaper?”

Pet marketing
It’s no surprise how important pets are to their humans; they are another member of the family. Whether it be for grooming services, veterinarian services, […]

5 Ways to Reach Pet Owners

  Whether your website sells goods or services, it’s essential to always increase your website traffic and expose your brand to more people. The more […]

How to Drive More People to your Website

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What is it? Geo-Fencing sends a message to consumers’ mobile devices once they enter a predefined geographic area, whether it’s around your business, near a […]

It’s All About Location: Geo-Fencing

Reach consumers through newspaper
The newspaper industry is one that is constantly transforming; but the significance of it isn’t going anywhere. Whether you’re physically holding a newspaper and reading […]

Reaching Local Consumers Through Newspaper

Donating to worthy causes can be as beneficial for the givers as it is for the receivers. Businesses that support non-profits can increase customer loyalty, […]

Charitable Giving: A Marketers Guide

Holiday Marketing
Tis the Season! What’s the first thing that comes to mind when the holidays are near? Food! Food might even be higher on the “favorites” […]

Food and Spirits Marketing