Lancaster County video Business
Video is becoming THE preferred way to consume information, especially on mobile devices and this is important news for small business marketers. As consumers spend […]

Video Marketing Strategies for Businesses

School children running
An integral component of a well-rounded back-to-school marketing plan involves reaching your target audience at the right time, repeatedly, through various ad channels. For savvy […]

3 Tips To Boost Back-To-School Sales

No matter how big (or small) your ad budget is, you probably struggle with making the most of your marketing dollars. While outspending your competition […]

10 Ways to Stretch Your Ad Budget

by John Walker   Digital marketing has become a critical part of most marketing plans today. Platforms like Facebook offer unmatched audience targeting, paid search […]

Digital Marketing from the “Newspaper?”

Pet marketing
It’s no surprise how important pets are to their humans; they are another member of the family. Whether it be for grooming services, veterinarian services, […]

5 Ways to Reach Pet Owners

  Whether your website sells goods or services, it’s essential to always increase your website traffic and expose your brand to more people. The more […]

How to Drive More People to your Website

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What is it? Geo-Fencing sends a message to consumers’ mobile devices once they enter a predefined geographic area, whether it’s around your business, near a […]

It’s All About Location: Geo-Fencing

Reach consumers through newspaper
The newspaper industry is one that is constantly transforming; but the significance of it isn’t going anywhere. Whether you’re physically holding a newspaper and reading […]

Reaching Local Consumers Through Newspaper

Donating to worthy causes can be as beneficial for the givers as it is for the receivers. Businesses that support non-profits can increase customer loyalty, […]

Charitable Giving: A Marketers Guide

Holiday Marketing
Tis the Season! What’s the first thing that comes to mind when the holidays are near? Food! Food might even be higher on the “favorites” […]

Food and Spirits Marketing

Holiday Season
Here Come the Holidays! Lancaster County is always buzzing with excitement around the holidays. Whether it be because of the all-out décor from local residents […]

Seasonal Tips for Marketers

Let your message be heard
How to Leverage the Power of your Database  Building databases is a lot of work. Businesses spend years gathering emails from newsletters, customer cards, trade […]

Instantly Amplify Your B2B Marketing

New trends mean you need new strategies  What’s new in grocery shopping? What’s new in how people find and consume food? Last year Bloomberg reported […]

Marketing to the New Food Consumer

Lancaster Amish
How to Drive Visitors to Your Lancaster County Business  Everyone in Lancaster County knows that tourism is vital to our local economy. Tourism attracts visitors […]

Tourism Marketing Tips