We’re a Google Partner!

We’re a Google Partner!

What are the advantages of working with a “Google Partner” company? 

Running paid search advertising campaigns on Google isn’t necessarily hard. Anyone can set them up, buy a few keywords and watch the traffic start to roll in. But running them effectively is difficult. That’s why working with a marketing partner that has Google Partner status is advantageous.

What Expertise Should your Marketing Partner Have?

Successful paid search advertising campaigns will put money in your pocket while unsuccessful ones are merely an expense. Here’s why.

First, the wrong keywords will not convert to leads. Almost any keyword can drive traffic to your site, but only the right ones will turn into profitable marketing leads. Picking the right ones requires deep expertise. For example, imagine that you are a Central Pennsylvania painter with a specialty in wallpaper applications, and you’re seeking sales leads. A keyword like “wallpaper” might seem like a good one to buy at Google. But buying that term could be a waste of money. People entering this keyword might be seeking new screen savers for their computers. Or they might want to see photos of wallpaper to buy. Choosing keywords that will lead to a conversion is critical and this requires careful analysis and experience.Digital marketing paid search Lancaster PA

Second, in order for paid search campaigns to be successful, they must be carefully measured and optimized over the entire course of the campaign. This requires measurement tools to monitor the performance of each keyword, to track how much website traffic it drives, how many sales leads it creates and to measure its return on investment. Setting up campaigns for this precise measurement is a skill that takes time to master.

Advantages of Working with a Google Partner

Google Partnership is a designation that Google provides to organizations that have proven their ability to successfully set up, manage and monitor paid search advertising campaigns. To attain the Google Partner designation, a business must:

  • Show expertise in AdWords (paid search advertising)
  • Manage a significant amount of paid search advertising
  • Show sustained growth in the numbers of clients served

The LNP Media Group team is pleased to have recently earned Google Partner status and we can confidently report that getting this kind of certification ain’t easy. It took months of taking certification exams in Google AdWords (Google’s advertising platform) and Google Analytics (Google’s website analysis tool). We also had to prove that we have been delivering strong results for clients on live campaigns. And lastly we had to show that we have a growing list of satisfied clients.

This designation has strong advantages. Google support is just a phone call away with our dedicated Google account manager. (Try reaching someone at Google without this!) We can tap into their experience across thousands of ad campaigns, and get ideas for increasing performance on our campaigns. And we access ongoing training to stay on top of the latest advances in paid search advertising; critical because the tools and techniques are always evolving.

Why does the Google Partner Badge Matter?

Lancaster PA Paid Search Google AdWorksIt matters because it’s proof that your digital marketing partner knows what they are doing, and that’s going to translate into a better return on investment for your paid search advertising campaign.

Want to to know more? Contact us today to learn more about paid search advertising and how we can help your business grow.


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