3 Tips To Boost Back-To-School Sales

3 Tips To Boost Back-To-School Sales

An integral component of a well-rounded back-to-school marketing plan involves reaching your target audience at the right time, repeatedly, through various ad channels. As can be expected, notebooks and backpacks are still commonplace for any back-to-school list, but an independent study by Deloitte indicated clothing and accessories account for 55% or more of back-to-school purchases. Students and their parents are also stocking up on things like beauty services, sports accessories, and plants. Whether or not your business offers the typical back-to school items, your business can benefit from shoppers’ need to get ready for the new school season. So how do businesses capitalize on this opportunity?

Right Time, Right Place

Businesses need to consider how back-to-school audiences shop and where they’ll intercept your messages:

  • A study by the News Media Alliance found that eight in ten adults with children not only used the newspaper, they also took some action as a result of an ad in a print newspaper in the past month.
  • This highlights the fact that if your messages reach your target audience, you have the ability to directly influence the actions of buyers. Leverage your various marketing channels to create motivation for back-to-school shoppers to buy your products.

Appeal to Emotions

Consumerism begins and ends with emotion and back to school-shoppers, like the rest of us, are emotional spenders. Emotions create an opportunity for you to draw in your ideal market and drive revenue. Tapping into a buyer’s mindset is what will enable you to successfully market your products to this crowd:

  • As a business owner, think about the products you sell and why they appeal to your customers. Are your products fulfilling a basic need or do they fall into the category of non-essential wants?
  • Your mission is to connect the dots for buyers by illustrating how your products will fulfill their needs.
  • A salon owner, for instance, can appeal to anyone looking to start the new school year with a fresh, new haircut. A technology retailer can feature the latest tablet covers that allow students to personalize their tech.

Be an Early Bird

Businesses that attract shoppers early earn a greater portion of back to school sales:

  • According to a survey by Deloitte, consumers who began their back-to-school shopping in August spent an average of $458 on back-to-school items.
  • If you plan ahead, executing your marketing strategy at the right time will help you increase your profits without doing extra work.

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