3 cost-effective ways to advertise this holiday season

3 cost-effective ways to advertise this holiday season

If you’re a small business owner, giving your holiday advertising a boost is one of the best ways to draw in new customers and increase profits this year and for years to come. Your business’s advertising budget may not be large, but there are still plenty of budget-friendly ways to promote your store’s holiday gifts and create brand awareness with people who prefer to shop local. LNP understands that money can be tight for small business owners during the holidays, which is why we designed a series of holiday sections specifically with small business needs in mind.

LNP’s offers three different holiday sections that are designed to give small business owners ad frequency at a low cost so that any type of business can get the most bang for their buck:

Guide To Entertaining

LNP’s Guide to Entertaining is an informational piece that covers a range of topics related to attending and hosting events:

  • This section contains advice and answers to common questions related to holiday meal planning, gift etiquette, traveling and DIY projects.
  • Tell readers how your business can make their holidays easier and more festive.
  • If you have an ad in this guide, think about promoting an item that holiday entertainers and travelers would find helpful. If you sell apparel, you could promote funky hats or innovative ear-muffs. If you’re a restaurant owner, advertise your holiday catering options. And, if you’re in the service industry, remember that consumers still need your services whether it’s the holiday season or not.

Guide To The Perfect Gift

Holiday shoppers are always on the lookout for unique gifts that their friends and family will love. To assist these shoppers, we’ve designed a guide that’s packed full of the best local holiday finds called Guide to the Perfect Gift:

  • This special section covers a variety of popular, unique, custom, service-oriented and experiential gift ideas.
  • Retailers and restaurants are the obvious advertisers here, but businesses in the service industry can benefit too. Use your ads to remind readers that gift certificates for home, car, beauty, and other services are appreciated because they save time and money.

Letters To Santa

Letters to Santa is a heart-warming piece that’s become an annual favorite for readers of LNP:

  • This special section is filled with letters from children to Santa telling him what they want for Christmas this year.
  • Parents of the children whose letters have been published love to share this section with relatives and store it as a keepsake, making its popularity and long shelf-life a huge benefit for advertisers.
  • Businesses designing ads for this piece should take into account its long shelf-life. Parents and grandparents could be looking through this section for years to come, thus making a general branding message or simple holiday wish most suitable in the long term.

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If you own a small business, remember that no advertising budget is too small to make a positive impact on your business. Contact LNP today and we can help you create an advertising plan that fits your business goals and budget needs.