Use the marketing power of video, digital and print to reach tens of thousands! We feature the following videos on the home page of LancasterOnline […]

Video Sponsorship Opportunities

    Does your business need a landing page for a seasonal campaign, contest or special? Our team of digital marketers and in-house media group is […]

Landing Pages and Analytics

Inform, entertain, engage and get your target audience to take action with LNP’s Collaborative Content program. If you’re familiar with newspaper or magazine advertising, you […]

Native Advertising and Quizzes

On average 80% of your website traffic leaves without taking an action.  With retargeting, you can bring them back. Our digital team located here in […]


Paid search advertising (a.k.a. pay per click) is by far the fastest and surest way to drive traffic to your website and to generate leads. […]

Paid Search Advertising

Do you ever wonder where your prospective customers are, and how you can reach them? We can help.  Small to medium size business owners in […]

Display Advertising

Geo-targeting, geo-fencing, geo-marketing – these are strategies that reach specific groups of consumers. Location and keywords are fundamental when using any one of these types […]

Geo-Targeted Mobile Advertising

At LNP Media Group, we’re passionate about creating visual content for your business that’s creative and captivating. Our in-house video production team is dedicated to […]

Video Marketing with LNP Studios

Does print advertising still work? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” In fact, recent studies show that using newspaper advertising, as part of a multi-media […]

Print & News Media

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Your target audience is out there somewhere in the Central Pennsylvania region, but you’re not sure how to reach them.  You’ve tried, but nothing seems […]

Digital Marketing

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Does print advertising still work? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” In fact, recent studies show that using newspaper advertising, as part of a multi-media […]

Print Media

Based in the heart of Central PA, our search engine optimization services can help your website get in front of not just your customers down […]

Search Engine Marketing

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LancasterOnline offers some of the largest and most engaged audiences in Lancaster County. With over 1 million unique users each month, LancasterOnline is not only […]

LancasterOnline Advertising

Email marketing works.  If you’re not using it, here are the four best reasons to implement email marketing as part of your business’s growth strategy: […]

Email Marketing

It’s not something your 15-year old nephew can do for your business anymore – fruitful and efficient social media is real marketing used by real […]

Social Media Marketing

Specialty publications like I Do are another way LNP Media Group meets the needs of a wide variety of advertisers. The wedding industry is big […]

Bridal Marketing

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LNP Media Group offers a variety of internet advertising solutions on websites, apps and mobile. Desktop? Tablet? Mobile? However your prospects are connecting, digital media […]

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Reaching your customers today requires a wide range of media. That’s why LNP Media Group offers more advertising opportunities than ever before. Our multi-media approach […]

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