What 7 in 10 LNP Readers Revealed in Our Last Survey

What 7 in 10 LNP Readers Revealed in Our Last Survey

Reading Habits can be Personal

It’s probably not surprising to learn that the people at LNP Media Group are obsessed with measuring and analyzing reader habits. We do a lot of research and big studies. We ask a lot of questions to find out what people care about, and try to measure how much they care about it. But readers are not always forthcoming. Sometimes they don’t get specific, or don’t want to share too much about what they read, or why. Despite all the research we do, we’re not always 100% sure about our readers feelings about every part of our news and information offers. Over the years, we’ve come to accept that people don’t always want to share every part of their reading habits. Some parts of our subscribers’ lives are personal. We get it.

We Never Expected Rave Reviews

Maybe that’s why we were surprised when we started getting positive feedback. Sometimes it was a short note. Other times it was a legitimate, handwritten letter. (Yes, they still exist!) And we started getting emails, and Facebook posts and comments. We got lots of positive comments in surveys. In fact, everywhere we look, people were making an effort to tell us how much they like our new magazine. There’s no other way to describe it. Sunday magazine got rave reviews.

 7 in 10 Readers read Sunday EVERY WEEK

Our last survey cinched it. 7 out of 10 people who subscribe to LNP on Sundays reported that they read Sunday magazine every week. That translates to loyal weekly readership in over 50,000 homes, with a readership of almost 140,000.

While it surprises some, Sunday magazine is not available in newsstand editions. None of its content is available online. It doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter account. Instead, it’s a rock-solid expression of our commitment to print and to those who love it. We’re grateful that our readers love our magazine. And we’re excited to have such a beloved magazine to offer to our local advertisers.


Haikus, Birdwatching, Local Makers and More

Whether you love nature, culture, food, history or the arts, Sunday offers readers original, local content every week. The Sunday staff looks for the very best of everything local. That’s why you’ll find work from local poets and writers, profiles on businesses, chefs, craftsmen and historians, glimpses back into Lancaster County history, recipes, profiles on artists and musicians and, of course, our now famous Lancaster County-inspired word searches.

How Can You Reach Sunday Readers?

Sunday magazine offers three ways to reach our loyal readers.

  1.  1/3 page ads–Only two are allowed on any one page, so your business gets maximum attention.
  2. Table of Contents page–Your logo will be included on a page that not only kicks off the Sunday magazine experience, but also features a timely quote, information about the cover and a map that sources every story or feature and connects it to one of the towns or townships in the county.
  3. Page sponsorship–Some of our pages get special attention from readers, such as  The Lancaster That Was, Almanac and Puzzles. We don’t offer ads on these pages, but we do offer sponsorships, so you can be in front of readers as they spend extra time with our magazine. Your name or logo will be prominently featured on the page.

Want to learn more? Contact us and let’s start talking about introducing your business to our passionate and engaged readers.

What’s the Future for Lancaster County’s Daily Newspaper?

What’s the Future for Lancaster County’s Daily Newspaper?

Five Key Commitments Make the Difference

In conversations with neighbors, friends, and business associates, our colleagues at LNP Media Group are often asked about the future of LNP, Lancaster County’s daily newspaper.

Given the rapidly changing media environment for newspapers in particular, we focus on ensuring a vital, vibrant future that matches our nearly 225+ year legacy. The press reports regularly on news organizations that are laying off staff, reducing original content, and eliminating days on which they print. Some communities are without a daily newspaper and others are without a paper completely.

LNP is committed to being the source of news and information for every resident of Lancaster County and being the means by which every business in Lancaster County can reach their target customers. LNP’s commitment is evident in so many ways.

Meaningful Content

LNP Media Group, with Lancaster County’s daily newspaper (LNP) and a premier website for news and information (LancasterOnline.com), strives to deliver thorough and valuable content in a way that is informative, helpful and entertaining:

  • Our staff of professional journalists works tirelessly to discover and report what is important and meaningful to residents of the county.
  • No other news organization covers our community as in depth as we do, and no other news organization highlights issues that prompt community conversation as we do.

We are immensely proud of the work we do and industry leaders recognize the excellence of our efforts. The LNP staff has won more than two dozen awards from the Pennsylvania News Media Association and the Associated Press Managing Editors organization. LancasterOnline has won several awards for excellence in digital platforms, including best overall digital experience at the 2016 America East Conference.

Connecting Audiences to Advertisers

LNP has the largest core circulation of any newspaper in Central Pennsylvania and has the fourth largest circulation in the state. We have a diverse audience of engaged readers that is appealing to businesses in Lancaster and beyond:

  • Our advertising clients know the power of print advertising and see the results when their ads appear regularly in LNP Media products.
  • Advertising clients also reach new local customers and raise awareness of their businesses via LancasterOnline, our digital voice.
  • LancasterOnline is the county’s most widely read online news source. Our team also provides digital marketing tools and services to our clients, including paid search advertising, social media advertising, media-rich email marketing, and geotargeted mobile advertising.

Community Impact

Stories we publish have a profound impact on the quality of life in Lancaster County. From reporting that explains the importance of transparency in government to articles that illustrate the scourge of heroin across our county, we strive to investigate and develop stories that help our readers understand issues that matter to all of us:

  • Our reporting has helped open wildlife preserves to the public and prompted changes in a local school district that both saved money and re-established the arts and music programs.

Local Ownership

Unlike many nearby newspapers owned by large media organizations that make staffing and editorial decisions from afar, LNP Media Group is committed to fostering the vitality of Lancaster County due to its local ownership by the Steinman family:

  • We are headquartered in downtown Lancaster and are directed by members of the Steinman family. LNP, LancasterOnline, and all of the other publications produced by LNP Media Group operate under the guidance of people who live and work right here in Lancaster County.
  • The Steinman family has also dedicated a significant portion of LNP’s earnings to fund The Steinman Foundation, one of the largest private foundations in Lancaster County. In the last 65 years, the foundation and its predecessors have given more than $80 million to causes dedicated to improving the quality of life in Lancaster County.

A Legacy of Innovation

Some dismiss LNP Media Group as a legacy media organization that does not reflect today’s innovation and creativity. We’ve seen extraordinary technological changes and embraced them. We’ve been nimble throughout all 44 U.S. presidencies, 2 world wars, The Great Depression, and several recessions. We’ve adapted, grown and thrived since 1794. The ability to innovate to meet advertiser’s needs and exceed readers’ expectations establishes that change and adaptation are core elements of our DNA.

So back to the question, “What’s the future for Lancaster County’s daily newspaper?”

The answer is that LNP Media Group is deeply committed to our newspaper audience. We are also committed to evolving and growing as a news organization to ensure that we are able to anticipate the changing needs of our audience of readers and the advertising customers we serve. While the news business is changing fast, we are optimistic. We have faith in the bright future of Lancaster and we know we will continue to be part of it.

LNP Media Group is committed to delivering exceptional experiences to our audiences, our customers, our vendors and our employees throughout Lancaster County and Central Pennsylvania. We provide value to our marketing and advertising partners by building effective and innovative solutions and by delivering exemplary customer experiences.

Marketing to High School Athletes

Marketing to High School Athletes

Is it right for your business? 

Marketing to high school athletes is becoming more and more popular among smart businesses. It’s not hard to figure out why. In Lancaster County, advertising to teams and players at the high school level means also getting access to coaches, teachers and principals — not to mention their parents, friends and fans.

High school kids are more getting more sophisticated, and all kinds of brands, from Gatorade to Allstate, are marketing to athletes 14 and up.

In addition to products such as sneakers, sports gear and beverages, other categories are also starting to advertise to this influential demographic. You’ve probably seen a lot of local advertising here in Lancaster County, in local gyms and arenas, for orthopedics and physical therapy. Nationally, big advertisers are also targeting high school athletes for things like personal grooming products, restaurants and even groceries.

Advertising High School Sports Marketing

LNP Media Group produced the first annual county-wide high school sports banquet this year, reaching thousands of high school athletes and their families.

Why are high school athletes becoming more important to marketers?

High school athletes are important influencers among their peers, but there are also more of them.  The number of participants in high school sports increased for the 26th consecutive year in 2014-15 – topping the 7.8 million mark – according to the annual High School Athletics Participation Survey conducted by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). That’s an increase of over 80% over the past 30 years. The most notable increases are a result of the proliferation of women’s sports and team opportunities for young women.

How do you know if marketing to this growing demographic makes sense for your business? Ask yourself these questions.

Do athletes use your product?

While it’s great to get more access to coaches, parents and fans, if athletes don’t actually use your product, this might not be the right venue for you. High school athlete marketing strategies must promote usage and acceptance with athletes first, secondary audiences later.  So if you’re a fertility clinic or a retirement community, this might not be the most effective way to spend your marketing dollars.

Do you want to support your community in more meaningful ways?

Advertising to high school students often means sponsorships. Whether you’re sponsoring an awards banquets or a stadium, associating your business’s name with high school sports can be a win-win situation for you and your sports community

Advertising Marketing LNP Media Group

The High School Football Preview gives Lancaster County a preview of who to watch in the Lancaster-Lebanon League.


Does your product have a positive effect on athletes’ lives?

While athletes play video games and drink sugary drinks, marketing these products to people under the age of 18 can be politically fraught. These athletes have a team of adults around them protecting and policing them, so make sure your ads will be seen as a positive influence with a “Rated G” message.

Does your product appeal to the people around the athletes?

While marketing directly to the high school athlete can be powerful, even with recent growth numbers, the overall market is fairly small. To make your marketing dollars work harder, make sure your message and your media is built to appeal to athletes AND coaches, families, fans, etc.

Marketing to high school athletes can be profitable for your business, but if the marketing doesn’t feel appropriate, you may experience backlash, so make sure this growing audience is right for your business, and then have fun reaching out to this passionate, engaged audience.

Ready to find out more? Contact us to discuss how your business can reach all kinds of high school athletes throughout Lancaster County.

LNP Media Group is committed to delivering exceptional experiences to our audiences, our customers, our vendor and our employees throughout Lancaster County and Central Pennsylvania. We provide value to our marketing and advertising partners by building effective and innovative solutions and by delivering exemplary customer experiences.
LNP Media Group is a division of Steinman Communications, one of the largest and most experienced communications companies in the Mid-Atlantic. Steinman Communications is an innovative, multi-channel communications company that delivers high quality news, information and entertainment to diverse audiences.
Recruiting New Employees with Targeted Digital Campaigns

Recruiting New Employees with Targeted Digital Campaigns

Human resources and employment professionals today have a big challenge: finding and recruiting new employees. Unemployment rates are low across the country, and they’re especially low in Lancaster County. Most people who want jobs have them, so recruiting means taking someone from their current job. This highly competitive recruitment environment is much different from a few years ago when all it took was placing an ad and the resumes just rolled in.

How to find qualified job applicants in Lancaster County PA

You’ve tried ads. You’ve tried job boards. The costly open positions still remain unfilled.

The answer is developing a recruitment strategy that identifies where your best prospects are, providing an enticing offer, and implementing an advertising plan that reaches them.

This is uncharted territory for many HR professionals. It’s a new approach but it can work for you.

Create a Profile of the Ideal Employee

Start by creating a detailed description of the ideal person you’d like to hire:

  • You need to go beyond creating a job specification. Describe who they are, what they like to do, where they live, and more.
  • Include details about the preferences of certain types of employees. For example, did you know that accountants like to play fantasy baseball? How about warehouse workers? They like to work on their cars. Including that type of information will help target the right prospects with the right media.

Do a Recruitment Market Analysis

A recruitment market analysis will tell you where prospects for your job live and work right now. And it will guide your efforts to find them. Let’s assume you’re recruiting accountants. Here’s what the market analysis for accountants should include:

  • A recruiting area: create a circumference on a map showing the maximum distance this person might be willing to drive to work. Unless you are paying for relocation, this circumference should become your recruiting area.
  • A prospect pool: using demographic data, determine the number of employed accountants in your recruiting area. Now you know the size of the prospect pool for your job.
  • A competitive salary analysis: unless you cross-reference the employed accountants with salaries you could be wasting time recruiting in markets that will outprice you. Instead, look for nearby communities’ salaries that are lower, on average, than one you are offering. This will ensure your salary is attractive to prospective employees.

A good recruitment market analysis will reveal the kind of details you need to determine exactly where to recruit. It will become the foundation of your recruitment strategy.

Set Up Geo-targeted and Demographically-targeted Digital Campaigns

Now that you know where to target, you’re ready to set up the details of your digital recruitment campaigns:

  • Use geo-targeted digital ads to deliver your message to the right prospects in the right places. This is especially important when you factor in the salary you are offering, and the fact that you want this salary to be attractive to your applicant pool.
  • Layer demographic and lifestyle attributes on top of your geo-targeting. Some types of digital campaigns, such as email marketing, even offer targeting by current job title, which can be very effective.
  • Remember the fantasy baseball that your accountants are playing? You may want to incorporate this information by targeting particular websites.
  • Don’t forget social media which also has geographic and demographic targeting options. Building awareness for your job posting via Facebook and Twitter campaigns can yield surprisingly good results.
  • Your advertising plan should also include job postings that reach prospects by profession. Do this by placing your job postings at job boards. You can even target through diversity-oriented job boards.

Use detailed ads to get the best response rates. Good prospects are already employed and it will take a strong and detailed message to win their interest. However, beware of over-cluttering your ad with so much detail that it becomes hard to read. Have your ad artist create a three-slide gif so that your ad copy can be spread across the three slides, thus avoiding clutter. The gif should rotate on an endless loop so that your full message is continually being displayed.

Take a good hard look at the landing page for your digital campaign. Too often, recruitment ad campaigns click through to an applicant tracking system (ATS). While these systems are great at record keeping for HR professionals, they are generally not user-friendly for job applicants. An ATS can take a long time for an applicant to fill out which can discourage application completion, especially for lower-skill positions. Instead, consider creating a landing page that collects basic applicant information in a simple form. Do the initial screening on these applicants then ask your top picks to complete the full ATS application.

Clearly today’s employment environment requires much more than the same old recruitment approach. It requires data, ingenuity, and effective digital advertising across a variety of media. Do you need a recruitment partner who can plan and coordinate this effort for you.   We’re here to help with a free assessment of your talent acquisition challenge. Our recruitment team has years of expertise exclusively with in finding qualified job applicants for your openings. We are recruitment experts who can help you build a detailed recruitment marketing analysis and an effective recruitment digital campaign.

Debbie Stremmel, Multi-Media Recruitment Marketing Specialist at LNP Media Group, brings decades of experience in recruitment marketing. She has helped hundreds of organizations succeed in the most difficult talent acquisition projects. Looking for a petroleum engineer who can speak both English and Russian fluently? Debbie found one. She combines the use of labor statistics and data with tried and true marketing strategies to find, reach, and recruit new employees. She never lets the most difficult recruitment challenges dim her sunny personality. She is a frequent speaker on recruitment topics and she has been a member of SHRM for more than 30 years.

LNP Media Group is committed to delivering exceptional experiences to our audiences, our customers, our vendors and our employees throughout Lancaster County and Central Pennsylvania. We provide value to our marketing and advertising partners by building effective and innovative solutions and by delivering exemplary customer experiences.

5 Surprising Ways to Grow Grocery Sales

5 Surprising Ways to Grow Grocery Sales

Major local survey uncovers what grocery shoppers really want.

LNP Media Group surveyed over 1,500 Lancaster County grocery shoppers to find out what shoppers in this area like and dislike about the grocery stores already in our county.

The bad news?

The bad news for Lancaster County grocery stores is that consumers are no longer very loyal to a single store:

  • While this research revealed that about half of shoppers report they are “loyal” to a single store, we also discovered that even “loyal” shoppers regularly visit two, three, even five different stores each month

The good news?

The good news? The same thing:

  • Consumers are looking for value, deals, and the kind of products they need to live their very individualized lifestyles
  • They’re willing to shop at more than one store to find the kind of products they want

What can grocers in our area do to attract these fickle shoppers to their grocery or food store more often?

1. Romance Unusual Offerings

In the LNP Media Group grocery survey, shoppers say the most appealing feature of Wegmans “variety”:

  • Survey respondents believe Wegmans has new products and offerings not readily available in other grocery stores.
  • Grocery stores need to offer hard-to-find items such as lamb, real sugar cane, red lentils, vegan meatballs, or even peach Fresca. By highlighting unusual offerings, grocers start building their own reputation for variety.

2. Win the Coupon War

Coupons plan an important role in a grocery store’s popularity:

  • About 70% of our survey respondents report that it’s important that their grocery story provide coupons flyers.
  • This reinforces what we’ve been telling advertisers for years: grocery shoppers are looking for a strong coupon offering from their stores.
  • In fact, 10% of our research participants said that if their grocer starting offering coupon flyers less often, it would be a reason to switch stores.

3. Be Nice to Customers

When asked which factors inspire store loyalty, customer service and the checkout experience were top factors:

  • No matter how well grocers manage other aspects of their stores, customer service can make or break a customer’s desire to return.
  • Grocers who want more loyal customers will not only provide more staff at checkout, they will also staff the registers with people who are happy to be there, willing to talk to customers and, in general, know how to be truly helpful.
  • It makes good financial sense to reward the best cashiers with more money and preferential treatment. They can literally make or break the grocery business.

4. Talk About The Family

Our Research shows that Lancaster County likes family-owned grocery businesses, and they like knowing that the money they spend stays local:

  • Many respondents noted that family ownership is a primary reason for staying loyal to a grocery store.
  • “Family Owned” is important, but it’s also smart to start talking about the family. Does the family work in the store? Promote it. Add family photos to the photos already posted of deli managers and head bakers. Add the family name to name tags. Tell customers about the family and share the family’s business philosophy with customers. Call out family favorites throughout the store. Make the grocery store personal and human to increase shopper loyalty.

5. Specials and Discounts Still Work

Specials and discounts play an important role in enticing customers to come back:

  • 90% of our respondents report that specials and discount are an important factor when choosing a grocery store.
  • Grocers getting ready to run a big sale, or who have impressive specials running, should let ALL the shoppers in Lancaster County know. Our research shows Lancaster County grocery shoppers are willing to try new stores, so make sure to give them a reason to try your store.

LNP offers more grocery and coupon delivery systems than any other media available in our area. To find out what’s new with LNP grocery marketing, contact us.

LNP Media Group is committed to delivering exceptional experiences to our audiences, our customers, our vendor and our employees throughout Lancaster County and Central Pennsylvania. We provide value to our marketing and advertising partners by building effective and innovative solutions and by delivering exemplary customer experiences.