How to Get in Front of the Lucrative 50+ Demographic

How to Get in Front of the Lucrative 50+ Demographic

With so many businesses focusing their attention on marketing to Millennials, it’s easy to forget about an even bigger market – baby boomers and senior citizens. Lancaster County has one of the most vibrant 50+ populations in Pennsylvania and was recently ranked one of the top places to retire in the USA. And as Lancaster’s 50+ demographic continues to grow, more and more businesses want targeted ways to communicate with this lucrative market.

We created the LNP Senior Living Report to offer a hyper-targeted ad format for your business and services. Published once a season, the LNP Senior Living Report reaches thousands of 50+ readers who love to read the local stories and related content.

Why focus on the 50+ demographic?

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that by 2050, there will be 83.7 million people aged 65 and older
  • On average, seniors are the most affluent demographic of American society, having five times the net worth of the average American

Whether you’re marketing homes and apartments, restaurants, events, financial services, health and wellness, beauty or specialized care, LNP Media Group has the right media to reach your audience.

We created this special report with senior consumers in mind. Want best practices for marketing to seniors? Here are a few things to remember:

Emphasize good service:
  • Senior consumers look for value but are often willing to pay more if they know they will get good service, as many prioritize top-notch service.
  • Senior consumers appreciate companies that make a point of looking after their customers. Create special promotions and offers, such as buy one get one free deal, special gifts on their birthday, senior citizen sale days, or free deliveries to create campaigns that make them feel special and valued.
Pay attention to what the consumer wants:
  • Make sure to connect with your senior consumers by recognizing their activities and lifestyle.
  • LNP created its Senior Living Report to specifically help advertisers connect with this sought-after demographic. Your ad becomes part of the experience, showing that your business personally cares about and supports seniors’ lifestyles.
Give seniors a reason to trust you:
  • The 50+ consumers in Lancaster County might be hesitant to try new brands and new services. Can you offer a money back guarantee? Do you have testimonials from other pleased customers? If so, put these front-and-center in your ad campaign.
  • As an article from Entrepreneur summarizes, when connecting with new customers, it’s important to establish trust from the beginning
  • When your business advertises in LNP, you start building trust right away by choosing a local business that is established, respected, and trusted.

Don’t overlook Lancaster County’s 50+ community

The LNP Senior Living Report allows you reach seniors more effectively and efficiently than ever. This report is published as a full-size section in LNP four times a year, once per season. When you advertise in LNP’s Senior Living Report, you have a list of extras to choose from, including:

  • Lower rates when you advertise in both reports.
  • Option to add LancasterOnline ads at a discounted rate.
  • Options for discounted listings and premium listings in LancasterOnline’s Directory of Senior Living Facilities.

Contact our team today if you think your business could benefit from accessing a larger share of Lancaster County’s 50+ community.


What Local Businesses Need to Know for Reaching Sports Fans

What Local Businesses Need to Know for Reaching Sports Fans

Lancaster County loves football, from high school teams to the NFL. Every Friday night, LNP readers take to the fields to watch their local high school football games. No one knows more about local high school and college sports than LNP. We offer great news reporting and highlights in print and online, and we offer a range of advertising opportunities like the High School Football Preview. So during the peak of fall sports, your business can reach fans right here in Lancaster.

When your business places advertisements in the High School Football Preview, your brand shows support for your favorite high school football team.

Why should your business care about advertising in this popular annual feature? Simple: This is the opportunity for your business to generate sales and goodwill by being a team sponsor. High School Football Preview could be a touchdown for your business.

Associate your business with a school by placing team ads.

Sports fans connect with their favorite team. Studies have shown that for fans, identifying with a favorite team is more important than being identified with their work and social groups.  Support for a certain team or club can serve as a point of identity for sports lovers. Die-hard fans will do anything for their team.

Use this to your business’s advantage. Make a connection with local sports fans by identifying your business as a high school football team fan when you advertise in the High School Football Preview.

Reach sports fans, parents, and students in Lancaster County.

Football Sports player High School in LancasterJust like the competition athletes face on the field, your business has its own competition. By becoming a team sponsor, your business will attract the sports fans in Lancaster and beat out the competition. When fall comes around, high school football games attract fans that could also become customers. It’s not just men reading the Sports Section. Teachers, parents, students or any fan of local Lancaster high school football teams could be reading your advertisement in LNP. This opportunity allows you to connect with a wide range of sports enthusiasts. Your business could be seen by the 140,000 people who read LNP on weekdays when you become a part of the High School Football Preview.

Football brings lots of hype once the season starts. People bring out their favorite jerseys, tailgating supplies, and decorations for their homes. Why wouldn’t your business want to join the hype that football season brings? It’s a smart move.

Mixing sports and marketing is a good play.

LNP will publish this special edition on Wednesday, August 30 and Wednesday, November 29, during the beginning and end of high school football season. By running your business’s advertisement twice, you can reach twice the number of sports fans and athletes! Your business can reach over 140,000 readers and potential customers with each publication.

Want to be a part of this special spotlight edition? Hurry! The deadline for space reservation is Friday, August 11th.

Beat the competition and build awareness with the High School Football Preview. Contact us now to speak with a Sales Rep!

5 Ways to Reach Pet Owners

5 Ways to Reach Pet Owners

Pets are important to their humans; they are another member of the family. Whether it be for grooming services, veterinarian services, toys, apparel, boarding, etc., pet owners shell out quite a bit of money on their pets. Pet retailers have been finding new, inventive ways to engage consumers with their brands when it comes to pets’ needs. These digital marketing strategies are just a few of the ways brands are getting their message out there to reach pet owners.

Content Marketing

Typically, when pet owners have a question about caring for their pet, they’ll use online search to find answers:

  • Appearing in search results can enable you to bring web traffic to your brand’s site through content marketing. Content marketing gives brands the opportunity to create and share pertinent information through articles, blogs, or downloadable reports, that are designed to target a specific consumer segment.
  • Content marketing is an important and effective marketing strategy because it provides answers to the questions consumers are interesting in knowing. Informative content will help the pet retailer become a trusted source to consumers, promoting brand awareness while increasing traffic to pet retailers’ websites.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the easiest and most effective digital marketing tactics for building brand awareness and increasing leads:

  • The best thing about email is that when it’s sent to the recipient, they’ll open it on their own time when they know it’s convenient for them to read.
  • Email marketing comes in a variety of types: newsletters, promotional campaigns, invitations, survey emails, etc.
  • Email can help you build relationships with customers by sending emails that include behind the scenes stories, frequently asked questions, information about your staff, local pet news, and rewards for loyal customers.

Whether you’re a dog groomer, dog walker, pet store owner, or veterinarian, you’re most likely competing with some big brands for customers’ attention. Email marketing can help you build a bond with your customers that will position you as an authority on pets in your area. This will help you get to know your customers on a personal level, setting you apart from the competition.


Events are a great way to connect with customers and build your brand. Being face-to-face with your target audience will help you develop a more personal relationship with potential customers, as you have more of a chance to interact with them. Pet owners will be most responsive to events that they can bring their pets to. This could include events at the dog park, pet-friendly restaurants, bars or cafés.

SEO Friendly Website

The quality of your website is critical because you really only have a few seconds to capture the interest of visitors when they land on your page:

  • A good website has what it takes to reach, engage, and support your visitors.
  • A few critical components your website should have in order to reach pet owners include engaging images that tell your story, a clear navigation throughout the website, calls-to-action that will entice the visitor click, and an SEO strategy to support the website.

Social Media

Customers turn to Facebook for a wide variety of information, including pet retail locations, new products, tips for their pets, coupons, or even events. Facebook is the best social media platform for pet retailers to be on. With Facebook’s particularly targeted and effective Ads platform, it’s a guaranteed way to reach the pet owners:

  • According to The American Pet Products Association, it is estimated that approximately 37 to 47 percent of all households in the U.S. have a dog, and that 30 to 37 percent have a cat. With 90 percent of young adults ranging in ages 18 to 29 and 65 percent of adults overall on social media, there’s potential for a large amount of leads for pet retailers.
  • Using Facebook’s analytics, you’ll be able to see what types of posts have the biggest impact on your audience and when most of your page’s fans are online. This information will help you craft content for the utmost impact.

If you are a pet retailer looking for more marketing ideas, contact us. We’ll help you develop a plan that’ll reach pet owners.

LNP Media Group is committed to delivering exceptional experiences to our audiences, our customers, our vendors and our employees throughout Lancaster County and Central Pennsylvania. We provide value to our marketing and advertising partners by building effective and innovative solutions and by delivering exemplary customer experiences.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

The Power of Social Media

We don’t need to sell you on the importance of social media. With more people on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter than ever before, social media marketing has rapidly become one of the most effective tools for targeted digital marketing. In addition to pulling interest data from cookies, social platforms have the unique advantage of collecting interests, job titles, and demographic data on users through social profiles and their engagement with content within the platform. The digital experts at LNP Media Group have designed hundreds of successful social media campaigns for a wide variety of businesses and are ready to take your business’s social media marketing to the next level.

Still on the fence?

Not sure if a social media campaign is right for your business? Check out our case studies to see what we’ve done for our clients through social media. Want to talk to a member of our team for more information? Contact us and we’ll answer any questions you have and work with you to develop the right campaign for your needs.

What you Receive

Transparent Reports

We’ll measure the performance of your social media ad campaigns by tracking all clicks, views, shares, and conversions. We also use proven ad optimization techniques and A/B testing to improve your return on investment (ROI) so that you get the most out of your campaign. Using tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Facebook’s Business Manager, we’ll accurately track your campaign metrics and provide you with a detailed report upon your campaign’s completion.

Advanced Audience Targeting

Using Facebook’s targeting capabilities, our team can identify consumers most likely to make purchases from your business. Your Facebook and Instagram ads will be presented to this targeted audience. We use demographics, interests, hobbies, location, behaviors, and more to identify the individuals most likely to convert.

Creative, Consistent Content

We develop and execute social media campaigns that align with your brand and keep your messaging consistent. We will creatively engage potential customers based on your goals and send them to your website, social media page, or a customized landing page. Our campaigns will ask them to fill out a form, sign up to receive your email newsletters, enter a contest, take a quiz/poll, or engage with your business in a variety of other ways.

Landing Pages

Our custom landing pages are designed to enhance conversion-driven campaigns. Landing pages may include forms to capture leads and user data. Your email or retargeting ads can click through to a coordinated landing page that will feature a clear call-to-action and engaging content to drive conversions. We offer custom landing page design for any type of digital marketing campaign.

A custom landing page can aid any digital marketing campaign

Results Matter

You want to be sure that you’re investing with a company that is knowledgeable and has a history of success. Our results speak for themselves; our clients love their experience with LNP Media Group. Check out our case studies for more examples of our clients’ successes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do my own social media marketing?
Social media marketing has rapidly developed from simple posts to complex campaigns designed to reach specific target markets. Anyone can boost a Facebook post, but social media marketing has become so much more than this. With our team’s knowledge and expertise in digital design, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Facebook Business Manager, and audience development, we can create a cohesive social media campaign that will reach tens of thousands of people in your target market.
Will social media marketing work for my type of business?
If your customers use the internet, we think so! A portion of nearly every business’s customer base uses social media. By advertising on these platforms you can target these individuals, as well as consumers similar to them, and get your message out.
Which platforms should I use?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this question. Choosing the right social media platform for your business depends largely on your goals and on the products and services that you offer. If you’re not sure which platform to choose, contact our team to discuss your goals and get advice on which platform will best suit your marketing needs

How much should I spend on social media marketing?
Social media is a “pay to play” platform. This means that the more money you spend, the more your ads will be displayed to users. By starting out with a smaller amount, we can assess the impact your ad spend is having and adjust from there. Once we help you identify what works best, we can optimize the amount you’re spending to get the most impact for your money.
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The Secrets to Getting More People into Your Restaurant

The Secrets to Getting More People into Your Restaurant

Good Food Starts with High-Volume Marketing

You have great food. Your restaurant looks good. And you finally got the back of the house into working order. All you’re missing are the crowds of hungry patrons. While Lancaster County is famous for having more than its fair share of outstanding eating options, not all restaurants are experiencing the same levels of success.

With so many great options available for diners, Lancaster restaurants need more than word of mouth to keep momentum going. In this super-competitive marketplace, smart advertising can make the difference between busy kitchens and layoffs.

Start with Awareness MarketingEvery Thursday over 40,000 households turn to Entertainment Lancaster to plan their weekends.

You need to reach large numbers of people without paying a fortune. LNP Media Group offers a variety of media options developed especially for restaurants. In addition to vibrant newspaper options and the area’s most visited website, LNP Media also publishes several specialty publications that can also increase awareness. Each Thursday L
NP publishes Entertainment Lancaster, also know as EL, which is the area’s most comprehensive guide to weekend activities, destinations and events. Fly After 5 targets people in Lancaster County looking for exciting nightlife options, including restaurants, festivals and drinks. LNP Media Group also offers Spanish-language ads in LaVoz, the county’s only Spanish-language newspaper. There are so many ways to reach the patrons you’re looking for. We can help you make smart choices that make sense for your business and your bottom line. Contact us to find out more.

IFly Magazinenvest in Photography

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but for restaurant owners, it may actually be worth more. Today’s restaurant patrons not only look at photos of food online, they may be posting some of their own! Make sure you supplement their amateur photos with a professional shots of your own. Lancaster County has dozens of young photographers who are both eager to work and affordable. Once you upgrade your food photography, your ads will work better, your social media will get more attention and the perceptions of your restaurant and its food will skyrocket.

If you’re not ready for a website, spend some time with your Facebook page.

Many restaurants skip the website, and honestly, in today’s digital universe, that’s okay. But it’s not okay to treat a Facebook page like a website. You can’t set it and forget it, or update it twice a year. Facebook pages require regular content. We recommend creating new posts daily. You should be promoting new menu items, changes in hours, talk about how you handle food allergies, features shots of guests and employees, and generally create a daily conversation. Facebook pages that look and feel like abandoned property reflect poorly on your establishment.

Advertise on Facebook and Instagram

A few years ago, Facebook purchased Instagram. Now you can place ads on both platforms that are geographically targeted. You can also refine your ad delivery by specifying people of a certain age, gender or interest. Want to promote new gluten-free menu items? Facebook and Instagram can send ads only to people concerned about gluten allergies. Have a pricey menu? Just send ads to higher income groups in Lancaster County. You may be surprised by the ease and cost of these new media. LNP Media Group’s experiences social media experts can help make the most of your campaigns by creating and placings ads, creating special promotional landing pages and even creating and monitoring content.

You Have Dozens of Marketing Options

LNP Media Group offers a variety of print and online publications. We offer a wide range of digital marketing tools and social media content and advertising opportunities. If you haven’t talked to an LNP Media Group representative lately, you may be surprised at how flexible and affordable our offerings can be. Contact us today and let’s get reacquainted.

LNP Media Group is committed to delivering exceptional experiences to our audiences, our customers, our vendors and our employees throughout Lancaster County and Central Pennsylvania. We provide value to our marketing and advertising partners by building effective and innovative solutions and by delivering exemplary customer experiences.
LNP Media Group is a division of Steinman Communications, one of the largest and most experienced communications companies in the Mid-Atlantic. Steinman Communications is an innovative, multi-channel communications company that delivers high quality news, information and entertainment to diverse audiences.



Marketing to High School Athletes

Marketing to High School Athletes

Is it right for your business? 

Marketing to high school athletes is becoming more and more popular among smart businesses. It’s not hard to figure out why. In Lancaster County, advertising to teams and players at the high school level means also getting access to coaches, teachers and principals — not to mention their parents, friends and fans.

High school kids are more getting more sophisticated, and all kinds of brands, from Gatorade to Allstate, are marketing to athletes 14 and up.

In addition to products such as sneakers, sports gear and beverages, other categories are also starting to advertise to this influential demographic. You’ve probably seen a lot of local advertising here in Lancaster County, in local gyms and arenas, for orthopedics and physical therapy. Nationally, big advertisers are also targeting high school athletes for things like personal grooming products, restaurants and even groceries.

Advertising High School Sports Marketing

LNP Media Group produced the first annual county-wide high school sports banquet this year, reaching thousands of high school athletes and their families.

Why are high school athletes becoming more important to marketers?

High school athletes are important influencers among their peers, but there are also more of them.  The number of participants in high school sports increased for the 26th consecutive year in 2014-15 – topping the 7.8 million mark – according to the annual High School Athletics Participation Survey conducted by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). That’s an increase of over 80% over the past 30 years. The most notable increases are a result of the proliferation of women’s sports and team opportunities for young women.

How do you know if marketing to this growing demographic makes sense for your business? Ask yourself these questions.

Do athletes use your product?

While it’s great to get more access to coaches, parents and fans, if athletes don’t actually use your product, this might not be the right venue for you. High school athlete marketing strategies must promote usage and acceptance with athletes first, secondary audiences later.  So if you’re a fertility clinic or a retirement community, this might not be the most effective way to spend your marketing dollars.

Do you want to support your community in more meaningful ways?

Advertising to high school students often means sponsorships. Whether you’re sponsoring an awards banquets or a stadium, associating your business’s name with high school sports can be a win-win situation for you and your sports community

Advertising Marketing LNP Media Group

The High School Football Preview gives Lancaster County a preview of who to watch in the Lancaster-Lebanon League.


Does your product have a positive effect on athletes’ lives?

While athletes play video games and drink sugary drinks, marketing these products to people under the age of 18 can be politically fraught. These athletes have a team of adults around them protecting and policing them, so make sure your ads will be seen as a positive influence with a “Rated G” message.

Does your product appeal to the people around the athletes?

While marketing directly to the high school athlete can be powerful, even with recent growth numbers, the overall market is fairly small. To make your marketing dollars work harder, make sure your message and your media is built to appeal to athletes AND coaches, families, fans, etc.

Marketing to high school athletes can be profitable for your business, but if the marketing doesn’t feel appropriate, you may experience backlash, so make sure this growing audience is right for your business, and then have fun reaching out to this passionate, engaged audience.

Ready to find out more? Contact us to discuss how your business can reach all kinds of high school athletes throughout Lancaster County.

LNP Media Group is committed to delivering exceptional experiences to our audiences, our customers, our vendor and our employees throughout Lancaster County and Central Pennsylvania. We provide value to our marketing and advertising partners by building effective and innovative solutions and by delivering exemplary customer experiences.
LNP Media Group is a division of Steinman Communications, one of the largest and most experienced communications companies in the Mid-Atlantic. Steinman Communications is an innovative, multi-channel communications company that delivers high quality news, information and entertainment to diverse audiences.