Trends in Wedding Marketing in Lancaster County

Trends in Wedding Marketing in Lancaster County

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How to make the most of the changes in wedding traditions 

No industry likes to tout trends like the wedding industry. If you’re a wedding professional, you may just roll your eyes at the latest trend report. After all, today’s couples are so individualized that trends may not have a big impact on your wedding business.

However, there are a few things we’re seeing that may make a difference in the way you market your wedding services right here in Lancaster County. Take a look at these three wedding trends that are making a difference in the way couples plan their special day in Central Pennsylvania.

TREND: Destination Lancaster

While plenty of couples are still interested in going to destinations like the Bahamas for a wedding, more and more brides and grooms are choosing Lancaster as the “destination.” These couples already live in one of the top tourist destinations in the country. That’s why a growing number of couples focus the special appeal of Lancaster County to make their wedding more charming, authentic or more relevant to their own family history, or even to their shorter history as a couple.

What does that mean to marketers? When you connect your products and services to Lancaster County, and show how other brides and grooms have created a uniquely Lancastrian experience, you’ll become a more appealing part of Destination Lancaster weddings.

TREND: Digital Wedding Planning

We all know that planning a wedding can exhausting. Even small weddings take a herculean effort to execute. So it’s no surprise that digital tools, apps, and websites have flooded the bridal market to help brides and their families research, plan and share tasks and milestones. Hundreds of digital tools are available to help build a seating chart, design invitations, build a wedding playlist, pick out dresses, or choose the venue.

What does that mean for marketers? It means that digital advertising and marketing will be key to getting and keeping the attention of brides and grooms in 2017 and beyond. LNP Media Group has extensive digital offerings, and can help you create a customized digital plan for your business that is targeted and affordable.


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TREND: Locally-Sourced Food

Local food and local sourcing has never been more important to consumers, and it’s never been more trendy on nuptial menus. Brides and grooms are planning menus for the big day that mimic the offerings of the best farm-to-table eateries. Couples want their wedding menu to reflect who they are and how live. That’s why ingredients like kale and quinoa are going to show up more often. Locally sourced meats, vegetable and breads will also be highlighted. Farm stand produce is going to take a more central role on menus. Savvy wedding marketers know that positioning products, foods and services as home-grown and Lancaster-local will set them apart from the competition.

Want more ideas on how to reach brides and grooms in Lancaster County? Contact us to discover print, digital and event options that will help you connect with couples right here in Central Pennsylvania.

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