Here are just a few things you should know about the power of newspapers and how LNP can help your business to grow! 82% of […]

Just the Facts

LNP Media Group’s team of advertising specialists will help you find the best way to reach tourists and visitors. Tourism is big business in Lancaster […]

Tourism Marketing

LNP Media Group Lancaster PA
Ready to reach businesses in Lancaster County? LNP Media Group can help. Lancaster County has over 10,000 businesses, making it one of the most appealing […]

B2B Marketing

LNP Media Group offers a range of sports marketing opportunities to help you reach local fans. Lancaster loves sports, and no one knows more about […]

Sports Marketing

LNP Media Group Lancaster Pennsylvania
We can put you in front of the people looking for restaurants, bars, concerts and more. Want to reach people who eat out? Attend concerts? […]

Nightlife & Restaurant Marketing

Marketing To Millenials | Targeted Advertising | LNP Media Group
The eighty million Millennials in America have over $200 billion* in buying power.  What’s more, they’re leading trends in everything from fashion to food to […]


Marketing to Seniors | Advertising To Baby Boomers | LNP Media Group
Seniors are changing their media habits; that’s why LNP Media Group now offers more ways than ever to reach the 50+ market. As Lancaster’s 50+ […]

Seniors & Boomers

Marketing To Brides | Targeted Advertising | LNP Media Group
The wedding industry is big business. Whether you’re providing flowers, catering, venues, photography, apparel or renting carriages, you know that Pennsylvania brides want to see […]

Brides & Weddings

Marketing To Entertainment Seekers | Target Audience | LNP Media Group
Lancaster County is a hub for events, theatre, culture and activities. Your best audience may be local, regional or tourists. No matter where they’re coming […]

Entertainment Seekers

Marketing To Hispanics & Latinos | Target Audience | LNP Media Group
People of Hispanic descent make up almost 10% of Lancaster County. This vibrant, active community has deep roots here, and continues to grow. La Voz […]

Hispanic & Latino Communities

Marketing To Job Seekers | Targeted Advertising | LNP Media Group
The average employee changes jobs every 4.6 years. Combine that with a job shortage that promises to become even more acute, and it’s easy to see […]

Job Seekers

Marketing To Luxury Buyers | Advertising for Wealthy | LNP Media Group
WANT TO REACH UPSCALE CONSUMERS? Are you interested in talking to people when they’re in the mood for luxury purchases? We know just where to find […]

Luxury Buyers

Marketing To Parents | Targeted Advertising | LNP Media Group
Thirty percent* of Lancaster County households have kids under the age of 18. That’s a lot of parents and we can help you reach them in […]


Marketing To Home Buyers | Real Estate Advertising | LNP Media Group
Home buyers are back and looking for real estate. LNP Media Group now offers some of the best real estate listing options in the area. […]

Real Estate

Marketing To Parents | Targeted Advertising | Contact LNP Media Group
Lancaster County shoppers spend billions every year at retail stores. So whether you’re selling shovels, sofas, snacks or sports gear, this is your audience. LNP Media Group […]